Equipment Suggestion Megathread


Below one should post their equipment ideas for the game.



  • PAW-20 Grenade Launcher
  • Ballistic Shield
  • Grappling Hook (one player at a time)


  • Deployable Barrier
  • C4
  • Claymores
  • Spawn Beacon


  • Ammo Pack
  • XM25 Airburst Launcher
  • Grappling Hook Launcher (several players at once)


  • Motion Sensor
  • Periscope
  • Crossbow


Area Scanner:

  • Placeable device that takes 10 seconds to activate.
  • When activated, Scans the area and marks all enemies on the mini map in that specific area.
  • Enemies can destroy this by shooting it or melee’ing it.

Extra ammo:

  • Spare ammo is increased by 1 magazine!
  • For shotguns, It’s the same as the default magazine size, (For example, Remington 870 has an 8 round magazine, which means it gets 8 extra shells spare)


  • Movement speed and Health Regeneration is increased slightly.

Body Armor:

  • Damage reduced by 15%.

Heavy plated armor:

  • Decreases sniper bodyshot damage by 50%.
    • Useful for surviving sniper shots.
    • This means the BFG 50 and Hecate II won’t one hit on the body.
    • Headshots will still one hit kill.
  • Decreases movement speed.

Frag belt:

  • Increases frag amount from 3 to 5!

Advanced Vision:

  • Press N to activate Night Vision sight.
    • Allows seeing in the dark.
  • Press B to activate Thermal Vision sight.
    • Allows seeing body heat through some walls.
  • Only 1 can be activated at the same time.
  • 1.5 seconds activation time, User is defenseless while activating.

Backup gun:

  • A small weak snubnoze revolver.
  • Doesn’t deal much damage, but it’s a last resort save.
  • Can only reload once per life.


  • Allows sharing ammo to your teammates.
    • Uses up your own ammo.
    • Requires a matching ammo type for either Primary or Secondary.
  • Allows healing your teammates to make them regen faster.
    • Requires them to stand still… which nobody does in Roblox right?


  • Allows throwing guns at enemies when fully empty.
  • Empty magazines are added as “Throwable”, Can be throwed with G instead of grenades.
  • Walking over dead enemy bodies to steal some health.
  • All ammo types match every gun.
  • Melee’s can be thrown, but needs to be picked up again, or you will lose it.
  • Allows collecting of dropped weapons.
  • Collected dropping weapons can be crafted.
    • Barrel can be broken for some weapons to create new weapons such as SFG 50, Sawed Off, PPK12, Obrez,…
    • The barrel can be added on another weapon to repair an existing sawed off gun.


You’re welcome.



  • Press [P] to initiate an electromagnetic pulse that fries all electronics in the area, disrupting most sights, ballistics trackers, nightvision, minimap, etc. One use per life. Effect lasts for 15 seconds and also affects the player.

Spawn Beacon

  • When placed, allows friendly players to spawn on it. One per life.

Sniper Shield

  • Deployable barrier that a recon can deploy, with a small opening to shoot through.

Flare Gun

  • Recon-specific equipment. Spots all enemies within a certain radius, three shots.

Load-Bearing Passive Exoskeleton

  • When equipped, all weapons have a consistent walkspeed of 12 studs/s. Good for heavy weapons, not so much for fast melees like the brass knuckles.


Three levels of armor, all of which are unlocked by default, as to prevent high tier bullet soakers against noob players who don’t understand how to fight it, or Wallet Warriors, who just buy Mosin, M60, BT…

  • ISAPO: No increase in protection, it’s what we have now, but reload is easier, weapon switch is faster, and there’s less sway while ADS-ing. As well, you move slightly faster, and jump slightly higher. The default armor.

  • Interceptor: 0.8x Chest multiplier, decreases TTK to four rounds. No change to limbs, head. Same sway, slight decrease in weapon switch. Current speed.

  • IOTV: Heavy armor with a 0.5x chest multiplier, you move slower, reload slightly slower, have lower jump and weapon switch is the same as Interceptor armor. As well, you get a Sprint meter.
    All multipliers are applied over this, such as armor piercing, weapon bonuses, et cetera.


Just my take. I find this idea interesting, and I’m doing my best to balance realism with gameplay. Also, maybe an increase in ammunition. Nobody sane would take only 180 rounds. Possibly as a equipment item: Planning Ahead


Night Vision:

  • By default bound to 4.
  • 1 second vulnerable time, as the animation for equipping goggles and switching them on plays. Once on, everything is tinted green, but it makes flashlights unnecessary.
  • Muzzle Flash is rather bright. Too close and they can blind you. As well, sudden light changes can also blind you for critical seconds.
  • Bound to 4.
  • Everyone is outlined in red, unless behind something thicker than 0.5 studs.
  • Muzzle Flash is a heat source, as is lights, the sun, and lasers.
  • You can see other people’s laser sights.

Ballistic Shield: Has a thickness of 3.5 studs, and has a durability of 180. Coverage is about rainbow six siege type stuff. While equipped, and out, you move at 34% speed. As well, it had a small window, which obstructs vision, which is only 3.0 studs thick. As well, due to the inherently difficult nature of one handing a two hand gun, you are limited to pistols with full accuracy, or rifles with 2/3rds hipfire accuracy.

Portable Ammunition Stowage: Refills ammunition at a rate of 0.5 a magazine per 2 second. Takes a second to place, and 1.5 to pick up. You only get one per life, and it has a HP of 50.

Medical Treatment Kit: Refills HP at a rate of 5 HP per second you interact with it by holding V while prompted. HP of 50, pickup times are the same, one per life.

ECW Beacon: While deployed:

  • This item jams enemy radar, augmented reality, or, spotting, and ballistic computation units, until the enemy counters it, which is about 30 seconds.
  • It then requires an additional 30 seconds to find other pathways, and then must be interacted with to be used again.
  • As well, it has a HP of 40, and emits a whirring sound rather loudly.
  • It is also visible on radar for five seconds after the effect expires.


Surgeon Kit, allows you to heal your teammates, by pressing V, and holding it on them when the prompt comes up. Teammate must be holding still, and it will take 10 seconds to fix you up to full HP. This kit rounds your HP value, so if you are at 1 HP, or 5, or 9, it’ll set it to ten, then twenty, and so on.
Improvised Electric Blocker: Rewiring lights to a wire 20 studs in length, allows you to block enemies. Upon contact with a player, the wire will emit a loud buzzing noise and electrocute them. They take a set amount of damage per second. Using a melee or firearm on it will destroy it immediately. 3x carried.
Decoy grenade: Functions exactly like the normal one… except it blows out confetti instead of frags and deals 1 damage.

Speshal Faorces Treening Martial Arts Training: Melees are faster, and deal more damage. You also can counterknife attacks from the front.
Experienced: Only can be unlocked by obtaining a quad kill, or getting 200 kills, etc, and gives resistance to aimpunch from near misses, and less scope sway… etc.
Dragon’s Breath shells: A 15 stud death beam, you get three in a special weapon sperate from your primary and secondary. Can’t pen walls.
Tear Gas Rounds: Allows you to shoot rounds that deal greatly decreased damage and emit a vapor that spreads behind it, which causes an increase in sway, reduction of recoil handling, and a slight fog. In the SPAS-12, it slows down the ROF slightly, and also can be used in the Stevens DB.



only available after survive 1min 30 secs.
when you use it, you have to charge 1.5 secs.
instakill with large splash dmg