Equipment suggestion: Heavy-weight body armor

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You can remove here this small paragraph, but try to follow the format.
(Describe the feature you want)
Heavy-duty body armor
body armor that can protect you from small caliber weapons such as most PDW’s and pistols by reducing the amount of damage you take as it acts like a barrier between your body and the bullets (like cover)although your movement speed will be much slower, and high caliber weapons (Ex: BFG.50,Intervention,M60) can penetrate the armor and deal damage directly but it can take a few hits before becoming useless and it also gives the flechette and AP something to counter
-movement speed decreased by 6 studs-

-damage taken is reduced by 35%-

-hit points:150-

-only effects the torso area-

-melee weapons take three hits to kill to the torso

  • hollow point ammo does less damage to the body when you have this on so as slugs(as well as birdshot and buckshot)

(How would it impact the game? Good or bad?)
Good as it as you can survive usually fatal hits from shotguns or sprays from smg’s and encourages players to aim for the head instead of the body


This has been suggested a while back, originally by Newbs, then me. I was told that the Devs do not want body armor. So there you go.




Please no


No body armor

Makes PDW’s even more pointless when compared to Carbines


I mean you movement speed reduced by 6 studs while wearing it ,so it;s balanced


so lets take the mp7:
30 damage -35%= 19 damage


Technically, the MP7 was made for penetration. So the P90 and the MP7 shines in this field.


wrong gun,
colt SMG 635
34 -35% = 22.1


Probably not what you want to hear, but I’ve started to imagine PF characters as already using body armor. This way, the average 4-5 HK (3 HK of higher-caliber weapons) is more believable and helps with the immersion.

If anything, I would like to see two options for load outs:

  • Armor — damage and health like today, but decreased movement speed. Maybe no shift-C sprint shuffling.
  • No Armor — less resistant to damage (150%-200%), but movement exactly like we have today.

The buff to PDWs against armored torsos would be cool, and maybe their damage to unarmored parts would be nerfed (to help carabines shine).


I guess that explains the negative torso multipliers with Hollow Point and extended multipliers with Armor Piercing.

Even though Hollow Point sucks.


the newbs would have almost no chance killing pros