Dream pc of a lifetime thread

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now i wanted to create this to share our dream pcs plz list parts and price of those items and the total price.

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this is my dream pc, plz share yours



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Already got my dream pc but here are the specs
i7 7700
Gtx 1050 2gb
8gb ddr4


2 gb reeeeeeeeeeee


i mean playing on 4gb of ram is fine but 2gb? finna get dat extra ram


Holy fuck, that’s alotta money.


my pc has i3 core but it can run cod ww2 :slight_smile:


Intel i9 for ~$1K with less power When you could get AMD Ryzen 7 for ~$150, with more power.


What a pile of shit that is


I mean, it ain’t my dream computer, but it is something less potato for less money.


Cannot upload the photo because Discourse is being retarded again


Stats now:
GT420 (terrible AF)
i7 intel core (ok good)
4GB RAM (pls y u do dis)

Dream stats:
i7 intel core


Current PC:
i3-550 first gen (3.2 Ghz) (4mb cache)
Integrated GPU
4x2gb 1333 speed ram.

Current Laptop:
Celeron CPU N2840 2.16GHZ
2GB ram 1333 speed
integrated Graphics
28gb HDD.

Dream PC:
Ryzen 1600 or i5-7400
8-16 GB 2400speed
GTX 1060 3GB-6GB or GTX 1050 Ti 4GB or Radeon 580 4gb


Dream Pc ]
Water cooled alienware area 51 razer mouse
and 24 inch curved monitor
price between 3000 and 4000


The power is per core so
18x 2 something is a shit ton of power and can be good for large projects or video games.


Eww one terabyte harddrive why get a ssd, theu jave faster responetimes and load speeds.


I actually dont know why u would need an overkill pc like that


Cauz he wants to run 20 pf games on 20 different monitors at the same time, LOGIC


aight sicc


The computer I currently want.