Don't Eat Romaine Lettuce


Romaine lettuce has killed two people so far, so don’t buy it. Search it up if you don’t believe me. I don’t want any of you peeps to die, okay?

Corgi please don’t take this down, or any of you moderators, this isn’t a shitpost, you can lock it and block replies, just make sure people can see this so they don’t end up dying.


damn, death by lettuce is not something I want on my gravestone.


wait a second, did you mean romaine lettuce or are you trying to say that there is a bootleg lettuce called romane that is deadly?

(edit: it’s the former; romaine was misspelled)


It is not the lettuce itself, rather, it’s this plucky little shit, E. Coli, more specifically the O157:H7 serotype. The only real risk of death is if you are an infant, elderly, or have a dysfunctional immune system. Lettuce is quite good for you on its own, if you haven’t heard before, so once the bad source has been resolved you shouldn’t continue avoiding consumption. The current outbreaking bacterium can cause some nasty symptoms, but should resolve themselves in as little as 5 days. There’s also the possibility that you could not experience any symptoms and be a carrier anyways.

These kinds of outbreaks regarding vegetable products occur when run-off from animal farms get into the plants. It isn’t the producer’s fault necessarily, and what is more likely is that the nearby farm(s) are at fault.

TL:DR; there’s nothing wrong with the lettuce itself, and any of us are incredibly unlikely to die from this even if we did hit the unfortunate jackpot of being one of the few to even be infected in the first place. We’re likely not in the correct age or health group to have any real worry.


Slowly sets head of lettuce down



People have died from spoons, we should BAN SPOONS! SEARCH IT UP IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME!


e coli has affected so many foods now, I’m not surprised


The spoon murderer


I eat romaine.

It’s my favorite.


How to clean romaine lettuce.
Put a pot of water on the stove put tea tree oil in like 10 drops put a rack on top to make sure the leaves dont fall wait for it to boil since the tea tree oil is a anti bacterial and anti viral it should help clean it btw just wait for the pot to boil because then it will steam


one of the great things about romaine lettuce is that it is tolerant of heat. It’s the perfect lettuce for grilling which is the safest way to eat the lettuce (it tastes great as well).


Yeahhhhh right * uses spoon drink soup right after reading this dies toothless: I told you


shit i have some in my refrigerator


KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! Oh shoot it’s not flammable


People have died from tacos…



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My friends last name is Romaine…


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