Does the game need a gun sound overhaul?

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In my personal opinion, only a few guns feel like the sound projects the power of said gun. For example, the BFG and L115 has the most representative sounds. But why do some guns sound like BB guns? I get that the game is somewhat an arcade shooter, but the sounds of most guns could be tweaked so they are more distinguishable. There are a lot of guns that share the same, if not, slightly changed sounds that are shared within a gun’s family. For example, the MSG90 shares the exact same sound as the G3 and AG3. The G3 and AG3’s sound is like throwing wood on a moist rock. They need to not sound that way. And the MSG90? It sounds that exact same, but it is almost twice as powerful as both guns! See what I mean? Most gun sounds also lack range, as you can hear them from probably up to 80 studs away (may be wrong) until you only hear the bullets wizzing by you. The sounds just don’t have the power and range as they should.

What are your opinions on this? Sorry for rambling all over the place and without formatting. What guns are good examples of this?


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It needs an underhaul.

And by that I mean



Gun sounds that should change:

  • MSG90
  • SPAS-12
  • AK12C
  • AK74
  • PPSH-41
  • AK12BR
  • MP7

Gun sounds that should ABSOLUTELY NOT change:

  • SR-3M
  • FAL 50.00
  • FAL 50.63 PARA
  • SA58 SPR
  • BFG 50
  • L115A3
  • MC51SD
  • MP5SD
  • GROZA-4
  • MG3KWS
  • M45A1


If StyLis updates every gun sound, they should at least add an echo effect that can be heard from medium ranges - long ranges for added effect. The higher caliber the louder echo and echo range


The echo should be like using the L115 with an ARS suppressor, because apparently StyLis just has a secondary sound for the bullet itself, which is the echo


What about the AK’s? They sound like scratching two pieces of rough plastic against each other. I don’t understand why they couldn’t keep the AK sound from when the 4th of july 2017 update first dropped. I mean goddamn, it sounded great. Not as sexy as the classic but compared to rough plastic, it was amazing.



You should’ve seen the complains of the PPSH sounds when it was in the test place.


How the fuck can you complain about those sounds? It’s almost exactly like the sounds from World at War, but beefier!

If they also complained about the Honey Badger’s wet farts for gun noises, I see less of a problem, but they’d probably crucify themselves before saying anything bad about the Badger.


Honey BADger


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