Do you prefer discord over teamspeak?


What are the benefits to you for discord, as well as teamspeak?

Got to figure out how to grow the teamspeak, need some ideas, but also feedback on why teamspeak is not used as much.


Well. I haven’t even heard of teamspeak, at all before looking at this thread
Also, I feel discord has gained quite the reputation, so maybe nobody’s really willing to switch.


I’ve heard that Teamspeak is bulky and slighly effects the game.
I have teamspeak but have never played a game chatting with it.
I’m not willing to switch from discord to TS, because im used to discord and discord can be used on the browser, which I liek vereh muuch.


Discord is the best.


I think it’s just UI…discord is more intuitive…toothless if you want ill go on the teamspeak but like…its always just felt more intimidating of a ui. What even goes on at the teamspeak?

Edit: even back in the days of teamspeak and ventrillo…i used mumble


Discord is simple to use, organize, and join as well as being easy on the eyes. Users in the discord can easily communicate through different text channels or if they so choose, voice. It also makes for easy switching between servers and communicating directly to specific people in private messages.

Now, I have limited experience with TeamSpeak, but from what I remember it’s mostly a good voice communication program and isn’t really great for messaging and honestly, it feels outdated. All of this is opinion, but Discord stuck with me, Teamspeak (and mumble) never did.


The problem with discord is people don’t talk on voice, and it gets too cluttered if you’re popular (mass amounts of private messages, though you can disable them), so shay and I hang out on the teamspeak most often because you don’t get like 1000s PMs, Plus people actually talk on it.


The SS Discord is one of the only discord servers I’m in where people are not very active in voice. I think the reason for that is because most of the devs/mods use ts and most other people don’t really have a reason to voice chat. I guess it could also just be younger people who are microphone shy and would rather just stay in text.

As for the messages, yeah… I can understand that aspect of it being annoying.


It’s not exactly were inviting for a dev to hop on voice on the discord from what I can tell. Last time I hopped on the discord with Shay the channel filled up practically instantly and everyone were just talking over eachother. :confused:


That’s fair. I would think that’s why the TS is nice. You’ve got a core group of people that you can easily have a conversation with rather than a bunch of random kids trying to yell over each other. I wouldn’t really know though, I only used the teamspeak for a few days a long long time ago and I didn’t really talk to anyone.


Yeah, this is what I said about teamspeak in another topic.