Do you have any pets?


If you do could u show some pictures of them?


All my pets died




a dead goldfish



I want to kill you tho bot


I had birds.

Who died



  • 2 dwarf hamsters.
  • a cat.

Deceased pets ;-;

  • a doggo
  • a parrot (went missing, not sure if dead)
  • two other hamsters


Brown Tabby cat named Kitty she is fat but not as much as Mar, kitty loves to cuddle and sleep on my mousepad. Grrr


A boi.


dead dog


a cat that ran away 5 years ago (fuck), another one that was given to my mom’s friend cuz my baby sister was born. 2 or so dead goldfishs.



  • 1 dog that is retired and snores while sleeping. (11 years old)
  • 1 dog that wants all the attention in the world.
  • 1 dog that I sometimes think is a human. (Sits on chairs at the table when we eat, Refuses to eat some things, Watches TV on the coach, Likes sitting on the passenger seat of cars)
  • 1 dog that is very shy, but defends a toy bone with his life.


  • 2 dogs
  • 12 tamed rats
  • 3 turtles
  • Alot of fishes
  • 1 cat
  • 1 parrot (No, couldn’t talk)


mah birbs (no they cant talk)


all birbs are good birbs, even if they cant talk lame


200 dead fish, yes i own a small pond with small fish and as i kid i would grab one and throw one (idk why my mind was probably fucked up back then)


I have two baby red-eared slider turtles


2 cats,9 chickens (IDK wether to consider them pets or livestock) and a big weasle that keeps stealing our chickens eggs and yesterday I cought him and almost stabbed teh boi


Can you show us a picture?


Can you show the dogs?


If only I knew how to get them off my Phone to the PC.