Discourse Nostalgia


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for some reason my meme doesnt appear

Plz dont go


Mai meme iz gud


@Toothless plz give us regular role plz!!! We won’t abuse the role. Those of us who have been here for a long time should be able to have the role!!!


Some people might


im pretty optimistic the most active people here would use it for good


some…not all


Have a (You)


Meh you would abuse it.


As bad as he was, I kinda miss hellcat.


Actually I wouldn’t even care


Does being here (almost) everyday since october of last year count as regular?


You mean December? That’s your join date. But yeah technically if you’re here consistently you should get it. However toothless made it so you can’t get it.


Oh… I have a really bad memory so I thought it was october…




ok sir


Technically you can still get it, but only after 60 years of being active lol.


Toothless why do we have to wait 60 years to get regular lol?!


Because only the great elders can become a regular.


You fucking madlad, you’ll be banned for saying something like that.


It was a test btw, wanted to see reactions.


I wasn’t here for the era of hellcat, mind telling me the tale?