Different types of crosshairs and colors


Maybe in pf their could be a few chooses for ur crosshairs when ur not aiming down sigths like

  1. Circle crosshairs for shotguns
  2. Different colors
  3. Thickness or size


I know people have already came up for this idea to be implemented into pf and i just thought that it was a good idea and that it could really help some new and experienced players.


tbh custom crosshaairs has been considered for a while now

Not sure if it’ll be implemented


well the last one on the right top corner is already called a kobra sight


I’m not sure. I’d rather see these as “reticles” like COD does rather than a regular crosshair. I’m curious as to how they’ll expand when you hipfire. I personally believe that we should only have the option of changing the color.


Yeah I was trying to finds some but I couldn’t


I don’t know if it’s just me, but I love accessibility and customization. The more you can fine tune a UI or GUI, the more flexible the game feels.


What really should be added is a different crosshair for shotguns. Like a circle/round type crosshair.


yeah or i was thinking that it could be optional for those who want to have variety