Different tags instead of "Regular"


I would love a option to request custom tags on the forum here I mean maybe we prove our self’s and well…we could get a better tag…or a custom one I mean I would LOVE the tag of VSS GOD but probability that will not happen and since I am formal I will post a vote to see your guys ideas

  • We Should get a one time option to change our tag (One thats not “Regular”)
  • No we should NOT get a option to change our tag

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Also one addition we should open this feature to regulars only Ok…


Lol I voted for both accidentally


it will confuse the community levels
cus everyone will want @himtim’s tag to be the ‘Ultimate Purger of the Universe


lol it should be though!




I will :wink:


Only mods of the Discourse forum can do this…

In case you do not know…