Did stylis/roblox fix the ping issues? (I don't know if this is shizpost)


A couple of months ago, I took a break from PF due to every server I join being 200-300+ ping. Then, I decided to come back to PF. I now get 50-150 ping most of the time. However, if I am unlucky, I’ll get bad ping again (200-1000 even). But, did Stylis/Roblox reduce their ping issues or something?


alright nvm, I don’t think they fixed it. Their ping is still shitty. Like seriously, roblox needs to fix the ping


roblox will never fix ping

nobody will

- a sad dude that plays on 300 ping every day


i know decrease ping.


but my ping is high this time


it’s not a stylis issue and Roblox doesn’t care


yes.it’s my internet connection problem.


then why ask other people to “decrease ping” when there’s nothing they can do

also hecking necropost