Darkman is redoing his weapon skins! (Now with instructions)


M45A1: Dark Cyanite

Skin zone 1:

  • Skin: SCP*
  • From case: Uniform 2* Case (Uncommon)
  • Brick color: 0-133-127
  • Texture color: 27-42-53
  • Material: Granite
  • StudspertileU: 1
  • StudspertileV: 1
  • Transparency: 0.12

Skin zone 2:

  • Skin: Cookie Dough*
  • From case: Uniform* Case (Rare)
  • Brick color: 0-0-0
  • Texture color: 0-255-191
  • Material: Foil
  • StudspertileU: 0.75
  • StudspertileV: 1
  • Transparency: 0


is the scope supposed to float


A higher rail.


hi dark


Hi there ingame stalker.

You get that G3 ban ready >;)


AK103: Dark Matter

Skin zone 1:

  • Skin: Cargo Hold
  • From case: Tech Case (Common)
  • Brick color: 0-0-0
  • Texture color: 50-50-50
  • Material: Neon
  • StudspertileU: 1
  • StudspertileV: 1
  • Transparency: 0.52

Skin zone 2:

  • Skin: Pixel
  • From case: Pattern 2 (Case)
  • Brick color: 75-75-75
  • Texture color: 55-55-55
  • Material: Granite
  • StudspertileU: 1
  • StudspertileV: 1
  • Transparency: 0.12


From now on!

It’s pretty hard work searching everytime for the skin in which case it apppears in and then putting all the combinations of the skin in, I even sometimes accidently deleted my skin designs.

If you want any of my skins, Just ask for it and I shall give the code to that specific weapon, Much easier for me.

MC51SD: Forest Camo

FAL 50.63 PARA: Sandstorm Camo

SA58 SPR: Classic Wooden Semi Auto FAL


after ranks get halved @Darkman_Bree


Fal 50.00 says “Mr. Dark I don’t wanna go”



Stahp this torture!




what the fuck has happened. not to mention the balltrack on it but then the shitty ass skin. Did you try to make it seem as shitty as can be?




VSS Vintorez is dead.
SA58 SPR is “THE” DMR now!


I want to use it


ofc. Because it’s an FAL. Nevermind the fact that it’s basically an SKS that fires faster and has more recoil (even the same partial reload animation), but so long as it’s an FAL, it can be a clone of any weapon. Ever.


MSG90: Police Camo


Try making an airsoft gun with an orange tip




I was playing pf and I killed this guy with a familiar name HypocriticalDragon I don’t think he had numbers anyone know who he is?


It’s Hypo.

A Developer. Also, the best dragon.