Daewoo K7 integrally suppressed burst SMG


The only integrally suppressed SMG in phantom forces is the MP5SD. Let’s change that and add this gun

S&T Daewoo K7

This gun is manufactured by the South Korean company S&T Motiv and it is integrally suppressed. I think it looks like the Colt SMG 635 because of the similar firerate, magazine size, and general gun shape. Since the K7 is suppressed, it is about one kilogram heavier than the Colt SMG. This gun should have less recoil than the Colt SMG but slightly worse handling characteristics because of its weight. Since this may be a little too OP, the firerate was nerfed from IRL 1150 to 1050. Another interesting fact about this gun, if it is added, that it is an integrally supressed burst SMG.

stats for nerds
Weapon Type Primary Weapon
Weapon Class Personal Defense Weapon
Rank Prerequisites Rank 57
Damage 34 -> 18
Range 50 max -> 100 min
Magazine Size 30, 31 with round in chamber
Ammo Reserve 120
Fire Modes Auto, 3rd burst, Semi
Rate of Fire 1050 RPM
Penetration Depth 0.5 studs
Suppression 0.5
Hipfire Camera Recovery Speed 18
Sight Camera Recovery Speed 16
Weapon Recovery Speed 24
Weapon Recoil Damping 0.8
Min Camera Kick (1.10, -0.52, -0.30)
Max Camera Kick (1.78, -0.10, 0.28)
Min Recoil Displacement (-0.50, 0.60, 7.19)
Max Recoil Displacement (0.80, 1.10, 8.50)
Min Recoil Rotation (-0.21, 0.50, -0.31)
Max Recoil Rotation (1.20, 1.20, 0.30)
Hipfire Spread Factor 0.06
Hipfire Recovery Speed 10
Hipfire Spread Damping 0.80
Min Camera Kick (1.40, -0.31, -0.40)
Max Camera Kick (2.80, 0.25, 0.40)
Min Recoil Displacement (-0.11, 0.20, 6.19)
Weapon Shot Displacement (0.10, 0.40, 7.80)
Min Recoil Rotation (0.19, -0.23, -0.30)
Max Recoil Rotation (0.75, 0.27, 0.29)
Sight Magnification 1.5x
Reload Time 2.1 seconds
Empty Reload Time 3 seconds
Equip Speed 12
Aiming Speed 14
Crosshair Size 30
Crosshair Spread Rate 300
Crosshair Recover Rate 15
Weapon Walk Speed 14 stud/s
Aiming Walk Speed 9 stud/s
Ammo Type 9x19mm
Round in Chamber One
Shot Suppression Range None
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Maybe make it the irl fire rate, BUT…

:> decrease max damage range to 25 studs

:> decrease min damage range to 70 studs

:> slightly increase recoil

I think that’s that.




I likey


I suggested this gun out of pride for my country
also i really want to see an integrally suppressed burst SMG



Add text to the guys face too


This bad boy


That’s better



He’s about to add more guns to PF

Where has he said to add no more guns?


looks like an mp5sd




looks lik the mc51c had a baby with the mp5sd at the korean bbq


Boring gun, but okay


didnt daewoo made microwaves and cars


Daewoo makes everything


so does Samsung

a summary of the K7 to those who don’t read the stats

basically a faster firing MP5SD


But it’s a burst : ( and samsung doesn’t make guns unless you count 155mm self propelled artillery