Credits for reaching certain kill milestone on guns


So, if you reach like 1000 kills on a gun, you can get credits for it?
it would make it slightly easier to earn credits
and not like a 1000 creds, just like 100 creds, or 200.
tell me what you think…


good idea, i can see this becoming a thing on pf.


I would hope to get a lot of credits for my 26k L86 kills.


Oh for Christ’s sake, at least they tried to make sense out of this feature request instead of making faulty posts about why competitive phantom forces is bullshit.


Wouldnt the dev’s loss money like that?


100 or 200 CR are easily obtained by selling 1 or 2 skins. And 1000 kills for that?


1000 kills is apparently super easy to get according to the people here.


1000 kills isn’t easy, but its not exactly hard.


Oh hell yeah time to cash out on 1200 kills with Intervention.




Ok that’s pretty fuckin’ not funny. You are basically telling somone to kys from blunt force trauma. Of course the idea isn’t perfect but people can add ideas to improve it.


I demand credots for my 20k kills with R700, 15K with Inter and BFG, and 5K for mosin


No u


Also a fuckton better than your recent Knife Durability thread.
Don’t be judging other peoples Ideas when yours are complete shite.


15000 kills with a mosin. man how much credit do I earn after all?