CPFO and their ridiculous bans


the head staff of cpfo dont bow to public opinion, there was a whole rant recently complaining about the exact opposite
ok let me write a decent fuckin essay because that one was written on mobile and took 35 minutes and i didnt thoroughly edit it and it didnt get most of my points across clearly
i didnt rlly mean for it to be a rant i was mainly trying to defend our league’s decisions but i do know im quite a weak arguer
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there is nothing wrong with it


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Why do we care about comp pf anyways. I think it was already established long ago that they do whatever they want. Let them wallow in their self-importance in egotism in peace.


Aye I forgot to address this. There’s a little thing called a skill floor and a skill ceiling. Generally,the lower the skill floor a weapon has, the easier it is to use. A skill ceiling is a rough term for just how much a master of said weapon can do with it. The BFG has an extremely low skill floor, but also a very very low skill ceiling. It is a gimmick. There is very little room for manipulation and mastery there. There’s no advanced techniques that can be used. It’s a one trick pony. And while that trick is impressive, there are much better horses at the rodeo. The BFG is just a bad weapon, plain and simple, and if a weapon with so low a skill ceiling should be banned, then what does that say about ones with higher skill ceilings?


The Henry does, and it’s basically the 1858 but it fires a little slower, and it reloads faster.



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To start, the BFG 50, sfg 50 and Hecate II are banned for their 1 shot potential to the torso. That is the biggest reason. Having a 1 shot potential to the torso at any range is fine in public servers as it does not disrupt gameplay much (although it does stir some controversy and can cause arguments) due to public servers’ already hectic gameplay (lots of crowding, rushing, 15+ players per side contribute to this), but the nature of competitive servers differ from this. With a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 12 spawned in at once, the amount of crossfire is drastically reduced, leaving snipers a much more viable option due to there being less players available to spot you and kill you while you’re ADSing. This results in torso 1 shot snipers being less risky to use (because their slower bolting time is slightly less of a concern) and would contribute to them being a more tempting weapon option to choose, which would only make the backlash which I’m about to discuss worse. The one shot potential of these weapons is very widely complained about, and thus would result in people wanting it re-banned anyway. Is Intervention regularly discussed to be ban worthy, with 100+ studs of torso 1 shot, 7+1 magazine capacity, and little drop? No. BFG 50 has and always will be a weapon that is shamed by the community because of its ease of use due to the 1 shot torso potential, likewise with Hecate II and sfg 50. Allowing them to be used in competitive is just a straight up bad idea. I mentioned previously about the rage this may induce. To explain this in more detail: players in competitive matches, especially newer players, are very susceptible to rage due to the tense environment and pressure from fellow teammates. It’s not out of the ordinary to witness this at all, in fact I’d go so far to say that there’s at least one rage quit every 5 matches, which alone can throw the match for a team. Adding BFG, a gun that’s already hated on and shamed by the community for its 1 shot torso capability, vast ammo pool/large ammo reserves and also 10 studs of penetration depth, would only worsen this. This is also applies to sfg 50 (in some ways WORSE than BFG 50 due to it being a secondary), and Hecate II. At the very least, I hope you’d agree with me when I say that if these 3 weapons were to be unbanned, the backlash from the community would be immense. To be honest, I find it quite obnoxious that you’d go so far to call the ban “ridiculous” when so many people agree with it. Very few people complain about others using Mosin, Steyr, L115A3, Remington 700 or Intervention (aside from the classic “sniper hater”), but a much larger proportion of players get mad at BFG. Hopefully you can understand that. In this context, the slow reload ADS speed, poor manoeuvrability and loud noise don’t really matter. Every experienced player knows that the BFG 50 is a bad weapon, yet most (obviously not all) still feel bitter about it.

Now onto the more debatable topic of the AK12BR ban.

The AK12BR’s main base statistical problems are: 39 maximum damage (paired with the x1.4 headshot multiplier making it a 2 shot to the head at close range) and 25 minimum damage, making it a 4 shot at all ranges without Armour Piercing, 700 RPM auto and 1000 RPM burst (this is the joint 2nd fastest RPM for the BRs, first being ECR and tying with FALs), and very, very little recoil when it has a recoil attachment setup. It is also important to note the low rank requirement for what you’re getting. The primary concern here is the recoil, as AK12BR isn’t the only BR with a high damage and modest rate of fire; the BR class’ main focus is to house guns that do just that. To properly illustrate my point here, we’ll compare the AK12BR to it’s most similar counterpart: the FAL 50.00. The FAL shares the same time to kill with AK12BR at 0.08 seconds, and has the same firerate, same ammo reserves, same muzzle velocity and almost identical damage model, aside from the FAL’s capability to 3 shot to the torso at all ranges due to the 32min with a 1.1x multiplier, where the AK12BR has 25min with a 1.0x multiplier. Aside from this, the only concerning difference is the recoil. Take a look at this comparison of the 2 gun’s recoil statistics (Left-FAL 50.00, Right-AK12BR):


As you can see, the vanilla FAL has concerningly worse recoil control across the board, aside from the max displacement (with attachments, both guns’ recoil is obviously changed and is a lot easier to control, but there’s still a clear distinction between the 2). This leaves us with 2 main differentiations from the respected guns: The FAL 50.00’s noticeable ability to 3 shot at all ranges and the AK12BR’s alarmingly good recoil (CallMeGodstatus, the coming up to 2-year-long #1 Phantom Forces player, commented that the AK12BR’s recoil was “about the same as the aug a1 (aka nothing)”. To the average player, this may be a simple choice of choosing a recoil buff or a damage buff, depending on their preference. But competitive is a different story. Damage-centered guns are very rarely placed above low-recoil guns in the meta. This can be shown from this short list of the current meta mid-range rifles from my perspective as an active player and referee in CPFO: AUG A1, L85A2, AS VAL, G36 and M16A4 (these aren’t the only guns used in competitive, but it’s uncommon to see a match where each team isn’t using 2 of these 5 weapons. It’s not rare to see the entire team’s setup containing only these 5). Non of these guns are damage based, they’re all recoil based. Non of them have a 3 hit minimum time to kill, and AUG A1, G36 and M16A4 need Armour Piercing to even achieve a 4 hit kill while AS VAL is a permanent 5 shot min. In all these circumstances, accuracy is picked over damage. If damage was more important, we’d be seeing guns such as AKM, ECR or even M231 being used a lot more (that’s not to say that these guns are rarely used). With this insight, it doesn’t take much to see why the AK12BR is banned, while the FAL 50.00 stays usable in competitive, as the AK12BR is the more competitive-favoured weapon. Nevertheless, the FAL is a tier 1 gun and makes it’s way in as the currently most-used BR in competitive, often being seen on maps like Metro. Hopefully this paints a clear image of why the FAL 50.00 remains unbanned but the AK12BR has been suspended. Again, it’s irritating to see someone make a thread about this without really nitpicking the specifics, and to then try and defend their argument.

Finally, the Saiga-12 birdshot ban. There’s really not much to say about it. I won’t go overboard with specifics like I did in my first response. It’s quite a simple matter of “the gun is a spam gun, and adding birdshot to it is just too good in CQC”. There’s really nothing else to say. The reason that it’s only banned on Saiga-12 is because of Saiga-12’s spam capabilities, and the only reason it’s banned on Sawed-Off is because it makes the already quite strong secondary a lot, lot stronger, to the point where it could even be seen as a primary loadout with a primary shotgun as a secondary. If you don’t like that, then you obviously just don’t understand what’s to be considered a “fair” and “unfair” gun to use in a competitive environment. It requires little skill to spam a gun that has a massive pellet spread and adequate damage at hipfire, and so there’s really no place for it in competitive.

Hopefully this response is a lot more well-rounded that the rushed one I did earlier. I hope that gives more insight to our thoughts in CPFO.


Yes, snipers are much more viable in CPFO. 1 shot potential to the torso is good, yet the problem, is that mag. You take the shot, if you miss you die, if you hit, all good- then you die while reloading. BFG, SFG, and Hecate have so many downsides. It takes like 3 seconds to scope in, 3 seconds to scope out, 6 seconds to reload, and all these reasons suffice for an unban. People complaining about a weapon should not unban it. People complain about the Vector, yet is it being removed? You keep on resorting to the same argument of skill level. You have not acknowledged a thing called skill cap. BFG, SFG, and Hecate II have much lower sksill caps then any other sniper. Raging is something you have to deal with. PF can never properly fix that. Also, if they quit the match because they’re raging that means they’ve been dying a lot. So tell me, why the heck would that guy harm the team by leaving, and it’d probably help the team. At the very least, I hope you’d agree with me when I say Stylis doesn’t really give a crap about their community. And, your argument hinges on one fact. The backlash from the community. Are you going along with the tide to not be shamed upon? People getting mad at BFG is nothing. Simply use it. Yes, it’s easy to use, but you’ll soon find out, about any other sniper has a much higher skill cap. Hopefully you can understand that.
BFG is a bad weapon, thus the ban makes no sense.
2 shot- head-shot at close range is not uncommon for battle rifles. See, there’s a thing called the 1858 that one-shot head-shots at any range. And, you say FAL has the same TTK. However, if you stretched out that decimal, or you simply performed the calculations, FAL would outgun AK12BR at literally any range, burst, semi, or auto. FAL is much better with a 7 damage increased minimum damage, and a 0.1+ torso multiplier.
This practically ruins your argument about recoil. You can easily control the recoil with attachments, while still finding a good setup. There is no problem with the recoil and if you want Darkman or me can give you a suffienctly good setup as he seems to like FAL
You do not have to follow the meta. Damage-centered guns can easily kill low-recoil guns. IMO, they are going to be the next meta. Low-recoil damage does not matter if you deal practically no damage. IMO, if a team full of FAL vs a team of AK12BR, equally skilled, the FAL would win, and I’m willing to bet a lot of people on this forum would agree.
AK12BR is in no way deserving the ban.
It’s irritating to see someone make an argument about this, without really strengthening your argument.
The Saiga-12 birdshot ban? First, you are saying AK12BR is banned because of the recoil, and thus making a logical inference, better on open maps. Now you are defending this in CQC, and thus your argument is invalid. Let me counter this anyways.
Saiga-12 has spam capabilites, yes. At 70+ studs, it becomes useless. There is no reason to ban this, unless competitive is seeing a lot of cqc maps. Sawed Off on birdshot doesn’t even need to be banned. Saiga is much better than Sawed Off, so this makes no sense at all.
Conclusion: No gun needs to be banned, either use it, or counter it
AK12BR- literally every other battle rifle, even Scar-H after that nerf.
Saiga-12 : Long range. Desert Storm.
Your argument is very weak. All of their advantages are completely offset by disadvantages, and IMO, CPFO is banning the wrong guns, if they’re gonna play the ban game.
SMH what is happening to the world these days


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Also I’ll probably address this at a later date.


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Being competitive, your average player will be a lot better. So instead of a dozen-and-a-half players with potato aim, you have a 3/4-dozen players with decent to amazing aim. So while there’s less people shooting you, there will also be more shots hitting you and possibly killing you.

True, to an extent. It’s much easier to hit the torso under duress than it is to hit the head, so it would indeed make the BFG and Hecate sound like good choices. THAT SAID, all the other sniper rifles also have the same muzzle velocity (not counting AWS), so even a bit of practice would make headshots easier to hit, no matter your choice in rifle.

True, but it’s very fucking annoying regardless to have some little CoD shit one-shotting you in a very easy-to-hit area within 100 studs regardless of the fact that you would be firing first, which would happen even if the hitreg was god-tier.

Given the people I play with in public matches, they are pretty dumb. They’ll put more effort into bitching and moaning about “puppyguarding the flag” in CTF than actually trying to unseat the enemies guarding the flag. The people in competitive generally are NOT those people. The noobs that do enter competitive tend to get weeded out pretty quickly.

Besides Mosin and maybe R700, I complain about all of the above, and I’m more proficient on average with sniper rifles than with any other weapon. Steyr is broken due to having next to no negatives if you treat it like a sniper you’ve been using for the previous 194 ranks (spoilers: it’s the exact same but better), L115A3 is straight up broken when it comes to fire rate, reload, and ADS speed, while also keeping the second longest 1-hit torso kill from a non-.50 BMG in class, and Intervention’s 100 torso shotgun range is also fucking ridiculous.

Pretty much any gun can be tamed with a proper recoil attachment setup. However, said attachment setup will also harm the gun in many ways, from slower ADS speed to giving up that slot that could have been reserved for a flashlight or suppressor, two far more useful attachments, in my opinion.

In reference, 200+ stud kills are fairly easy to achieve with the G3, and that’s WITHOUT any attachments. Also, G3 reloads faster and has a chance to melt depend on shot placement, and can make for a pretty good emergency DMR when dealing with enemies from afar, thanks to its infinite 2-hit headshot distance.

Bullshit. The AS Val and M16A4 are a 3-bullet kill up close; 34 * 3 = 102. The L85 is also a 4-bullet kill at a distance, whereas the only assault rifles that are also 4-bullet kills from a distance are the AK-47, AKM, AK-103, and M231, the latter of which is nigh useless at a distance anyway. So the L85 counts as “damage based” as well. That’s 3 of the 5. Try again.

First, damage isn’t important, time-to-kill (TTK) is. Second, the AKM was a very common assault rifle for a while, mainly due to both damage and the aforementioned recoil base. Also, ECR wouldn’t pick up a lot of steam due to the 10-round magazines either way.

It also annoyingly consistently DOESN’T 1-hit opponents with birdshot and has a long ass reload to sit through. Even the Serbu was more consistent as a 1-hit birdshot machine than the Saiga.

Nothing is fair. The sooner you learn, the better off you are. Besides, StyLis balances their guns semi-regularly, so even then, it’s bound to change. Maybe the AK-12BR would be balanced enough to be unbanned in competitive, but the SA58 will be banned due to a buff, for example.

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