CPFO and their ridiculous bans


OK, genuinely I don’t think you understand any gun statistics.
Outright, your comparison between the BFG/SFG/Hecate and the 1858 makes no logical sense because the 1858 doesn’t 1 shot at all ranges. I presume that by you saying a gun that 1 shots to the torso at all ranges isn’t bad, you have very little competitive experience. Yes, all snipers have that capability of a 1 shot headshot, and even the Intervention can 1 shot to the torso up to 100 studs, but the BFG/SFG/Hecate literally 3 times less aim ability, considering how much larger their 1-hit-kill hitbox is. The element of how this would trigger a player must also be considered, as you’re playing in a competitive environment, with a competitive aurora of tension, and using a very triggering weapon such as the BFG will make rage be induced and possibly even make other people use other scummy weapons to combat against it which would throw the entire match. The amount of chance of surviving a BFG or Hecate shot is a lot, lot lower than any other sniper, and sometimes players have no awareness of being shot at by these weapons and thus have little to no chance of having a fair fight at all, even in a sniper versus sniper situation. I hope you see the obvious issues that I’ve brought up here. Just because BFG is the statistically worst sniper in the class doesn’t mean that if it is banned, then all other snipers should be banned along with it. BFGs reason for banning is the 1 hit torso and the 1 hit torso only, along with Hecate and SFG. The reason other snipers aren’t banned it because they require the skill to calculate bullet travel to hit the head of a target, calculate bullet drop, flick the bullet to a much smaller hitbox of the head than the hitbox of half the player, etcetera. It’s not how good the gun is that makes BFG banned, it’s how little skill is required. That is the main push to banning weapons in competitive, as competitive should be skill based. I fail to see how somebody could actually want to argue for a BFG/SFG/Hecate unban.
AK12BR. All I can say is that you’ve never used the gun. Now don’t get me wrong, someone who writes as much curses as you in 3 paragraphs honestly must either be high, drunk or completely nutless, so your wording and decisions don’t necessarily surprise me. AK12BR has been mutually agreed by about 90% of the competitive community to be too good of a gun - in this case, it probably is the best in the class, unlike BFG. It’s just too good. Firstly, the firerate is stupid. If I remember correctly, it’s 700 RPM auto and 1000 RPM burst mode. That’s similar to a gun like the AS VAL, which is specifically created for CQC. But what really pushes it over the edge is the damage and almost non-existing recoil that comes with this package. I can’t remember statistics off of my head either but I believe it’s 2 shot to the head close range, 3 shot to the torso at all ranges, or something at a similarly ridiculous level. These stats alone is very similar to the FAL 50.00, but the recoil is a different matter. It can be compared to the AUG A1, which is widely considered to be the least recoiled automatic weapon in the game. It’s stupid, to be simple. The reason it was only banned recently is because it’s taken so long for people to actually realise how good it was, which would be due to people like you not properly using the gun (this is similar to, say, the AUG A3 at the moment; very good damage model, good recoil, good DPS (better than the aug), but a slow reload time. This makes the gun a slightly slower AUG A1 which kills faster and has a little more recoil. I hope you realise how good of a gun AUG A1 is and you’re not a complete fucking nonce). Initially, I thought this gun shouldn’t be banned, but using it afterwards I can see exactly why it was decided. For me, it feels exactly like a regular AK12 (a statistically well-rounded underused assault rifle), however it kills faster because of that insane amount of damage. The 10 less bullets aren’t really considerable because the gun will mostly be used for 1 kill for 1 magazine situations. I understand your concern for the FAL 50.00, and the competitive community has been debating it’s ban for quite a while, but to be frank, it’s inferior to the AK12BR in both firerate and significantly outplays the FAL 50.00 in recoil control, which, when combined, outweighs the FAL 50.00’s damage bonus and results in the AK12BR being deemed overpowered. If you say that the AK12BR isn’t the best gun in the battle rifle class, then you’re wrong. Yes, other battle rifles are definitely very good weapons, which is why the CPFO rules state that only 2 may be used per team, but statistically, you’re wrong. AK12BR, in its current state, is the most overpowered battle rifle.
Now for your birdshot bullshit. I shouldn’t really have to explain much because it’s a similar situation to the BFG: It’s very brokenly good in 1 respect, but not in all respects - in this situation it’s obviously very good at CQC (it’s mainly the very wide spread and very low chance of surviving a shot in close quarters, if you’re even on the enemy’s screen, might I add, that puts birdshot out of action for some shotguns. Obviously the shotguns that fire more pellets faster and thus lessen the chance of survival even less are the ones that are effectively in the need of being banned). Like I said, birdshot DOESN’T need to make the gun broken in every respect to be deemed ‘ban worthy’, only in 1 respect. For the BFG it’s the 1 hit torso at all ranges, and for the birdshot it’s the incredible spread of pellets at close range, which can be spammed at someone and basically results in a guaranteed kill (unless hit registration decides to appear and fuck you over). Like being hit with a BFG bullet, death is almost unavoidable. That’s why birdshot is banned. (To again clarify, birdshot is only banned on shotguns that can make use of this wide array of pellets (X2 the amount). The reason it’s not banned on all shotguns is because some shotguns are still good with birdshot, but don’t have that spam capability (such as R870), but guns like the Saiga-12 are almost cruel to use in your opponents because, well, they can’t do anything. If they see you, in the open, less than 50 studs away, there’s little chance you’ll get away. I hope you understand my reasoning for this. It’s not how good the gun is overall, it’s how broken the gun is in 1 area.)
Please don’t argue against things that have obvious reasons for being banned. My only logical interpretations on why you posted this was because you’re a complete crackhead, or you simply have very, very little intellectual or physical capabilities at either noticing how good the gun is or playing the game Tina standard that denotes the true colours of certain guns (like the M231, as a noob using the M231 would think it was the worst gun in the game, which is in fact incorrect as it’s the fastest killing automatic weapon in the game). I am not the strongest person when it comes to arguements, and quite happily I can refer you to some players who would practically decimate you on this topic, but I believe I’ve strung together the primary components to help you understand why these weapons are banned, and why the points you bring up don’t justify then being unbanned.
Whatever you may think, the head staff of CPFO are smart people. They all want the best for the community. They may sometimes make errors in judgement, as brought to the light with the recent Refinery situation, but they have their reasons for banning these, and other, weapons, and these reasons are also backed up by the competitive community’s views as a whole.
I hope this somewhat educates you.


I’m going to be honest I couldn’t be bothered to go through the whole thing and check for typos uwu


Head. Shots. Meme review.

Also, while sure hitting the torso is easier, how long do you think it will take for the team to react? Certainly less time than it takes for you to reload. The BFG is a horrible gun, it’s slow, its movement speed is literally the lowest in the game, and once you take a single shot you are done. There is very little margin for error. And even if you hit that shot, you still get fucked because the teammates will know exactly where you are and you will die because you’re out of bullets, and can’t get away fast enough.

Also I wasn’t saying all snipers should be banned that’s fucking ridiculous and only an idiot would think that.

And as for the AK12BR, I think you’ve never used it. I had an alt account going for a short time and I bought the AK12BR. That shit carried me from rank 20 to rank 50. By the end I had over 6,000 kills on it. The AK12BR is not a bad gun, but there are so many better guns than it. The FAL for example deals more damage at all ranges, shoots faster, handles almost the same, reloads faster, oh and before you say ‘but muh recoil’, recoil is a subjective stat. It’s the reason an M231 is the best assault rifle. And if the AK12BR is banned and there are much better options than it, and those options aren’t banned, it’s very clear that the AK12BR shouldn’t stay banned.

Also, I just read that little section on burst and let me tell you, the burst function on the AK12BR doesn’t allow it to kill faster than the FAL. It’s all in the math. In the time between the third and fourth shots for the AK12BR, minuscule as it may be, the FAL has already gotten its third shot off, which it needed to kill. The AK12BR needs 4 shots to kill.

Oh and ‘It triggers people’ is not a valid reason to ban something. EVERYONE can get triggered after they die but that doesn’t mean the gun should be banned. Feelings are fucking subjective.

As for birdshot, death is completely avoidable. You want to know how?

It’s this neat little trick called…

Smart positioning.

For the most part deaths in PF will always be your fault. If you simply position yourself properly, like a smart player should be doing, then a shotgun poses no threat. It is not the fault of a gun if you rush around a corner and get fucked because you didn’t expect to run straight into the barrel of a gun. And that’s ththe only situation birdshot should kill you in, is when you’re careless and don’t stay at a distance, or play carefully.

And don’t give me shit about ‘educating me’, cuntmuncher, I’m a rank 156 for a fucking reason.




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I’m too lazy to read that


I’m too lazy to read that but most of this is just subjective blanket statements and false reasoning.


ok right so im going to have to go lionehh mode and write a whole fucking 10 hour long thesis on this topic 1 moment



Yes it does. 40 (min damage) * 2.5 (headshot multiplier) = 100, enough to kill any opponent with a headshot.

I can’t speak for others, but Honey and Kriss are a LOT more triggering than a BFG these days, unless the scrub just bought it when he was like rank 20, in which case tf is he doing in competitive?

See also: every sniper rifle ever.

If you’ve sniped with one rifle, you’ve sniped with them all. They all have the same muzzle velocity, so any player that is good with the Intervention, for example, will be good with an L115, Mosin, or Steyr, due to them ALL having the same muzzle velocity.

Ever heard of a “skill cap?” Sure, a noob can do better with a BFG than they could with a Mosin. However, a pro would be more likely to get much better games with a Mosin than with a BFG. I have never gotten a flawless game with a BFG, but I’ve gotten three with the R700.

…and I think it’s bullshet. Very sluggish, slow reload, and even the recoil isn’t all that. I even prefer the G3 and burst ECR over the AK-12BR.

It doesn’t 3-hit at range. The FAL 50.00 does that. Also, 3-hitting up close with a 2-hit headshot is literally nothing special in the Battle Rifle class.

Obviously they have never heard of the Groza-1.

COVER ME I’M RELOADING!! All kidding aside, the AK-12BR being the best battle rifle? Wat? The ECR is a great contender, firing even faster than the BR’s auto mode at 780 RPM, is a 2-HIT KILL up close, and even comes with a burst mode to help circumvent the tiny magazine. While the G3 isn’t as low recoil as the BR, it’s definitely very controllable. On top of the very quick reloads and the headshots that literally melt people, the G3 is another contender for top dog. And let’s not forget the Henry .45-70. Easily the best battle rifle if you’re looking for ammo conservation.

See also: literally everything capable of a 1-bullet kill.

Incorrect. The Beowulf ECR is the fastest killing automatic gun, followed by the VSS Vintorez. M231 is actually the third fastest killing gun, discounting headshots.


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Cheating and camping are two different ballparks. One involves breaking the rules of the game, the other involves sitting in a remote location waiting for kills.

Obviously the translator being used isn’t working at optimal capacity. Either get a better one, or better yet, learn some english. Not all of it, but enough to understand sentence structure and the meanings of some words. The basics, essentially.


There is a couple problems, actually more than a couple problems. BFG is very hard to use.
Slow-ass scope-in time, hard-as-shit noscopes, slow-ass reload time, and 1 fucking mag. Take the shot, you either get the kill or not, either way, you’re fucked after. Same goes for SFG and Hecate except Hecate has more mag.
1858 doesn’t 1-shot at all ranges? I believe it’s called a headshot, sir?
It doesn’t help your case that you’re calling everyone having little competitive experience.
Triggering weapons should be banned is not a strong argument.
First of all, it’s called adjusting or using the meta. i.e. let’s say the meta is BFG BT(I don’t really think so but let’s do it for your sake). It doesn’t work on a crowded map like metro. Or in a sniper fest like Desert Storm, you take your shot, and then another sniper takes you down. Fair trade. Second, let’s say I get triggered because I got killed bu BFG. But another person got triggered getting killed by M4A1. However it’s not ‘OP’ and shouldn’t be banned. Thus, your argument is bullshit. And then you kinda contradict yourself. You said BFG is statistically the worst sniper, which kinda brings your whole argument down. Then you said the rest of the snipers should be banned. What the actual fuck, @Hellcat_V simply said that to help his case, and IMO, it worked, except you took it the entirely wrong way.
After all this, if you still fail to see how somebody could actually want to argue for a BFG/SFG/Hecate unban, please just calm down, then think with your fucking brain.
AK12BR. Before I debunk your stastical arguments(not very stasticical IRL but let’s roll with it for your sake), let’s debunk your other arguments. You said don’t get me wrong. We’re not getting you wrong, we get that you like to drown arguments in a bunch of useless insults and criticism for nothing. AK12BR is not good. FAL, any FAL variant, outclasses it to oblivion. What is wrong with the firerate? It’s same to AK12’s firerate. 2 shot head close range, 3 shot torso at all ranges, or something similar? I don’t even think it gets a torso multiplier. The recoil can be controlled. It’s called, hmm, barrels, grips, and less magnification scopes.
AUG A1 is good, yes, but it’s outclassed by AK47 at cqc, AK74 at longer range, and just AK 103/105/AKM in general. If you’re claiming AK12BR is OP, why aren’t you banning those guns? FAL obviously outguns AK12BR at any fucking range, with a suppressor besides ARS, and a grip, and any scope. AK12BR is good, yes, I’ll give you that, but any FAL variant by far outclasses it. Now for your birdshot bullshit. OFC it’s good in cqc, that’s why it’s a fucking shotgun. Death is not almost unadoivable. If they miss their first shot, no matter how fucking spammy it is, they will die. The only possible exception is DBV, but it’s sluggish in movement speed, so you can easily jump all over them with a melee, or just a weapon besides a sniper in general. And you, watch the insults. From my limited time here @Hellcat_V has seemed very intelligent, albiet cursing, but intelligent nonetheless. M231 is the fastest killing automatic weapon, yes, and you’re blind-firing anyways. Slap a Flash Hider, you get a lot of recoil without flash. Slap Reflex Sight, and Folding Grip, and it’s still useless at long range. No, m231 is not the worst gun, but it’s not the best either. The head staff of CPFO are not smart people, as shown in previouis decisions, and as @Hellcat_V said, they bow down to public opinion. I have a feeling you made this argument, simply so you wouldn’t get triggered by these weapons. And you’re argument is lacking anyways. If you claim all these are OP, where the hell did Vector, Honey Badger, or Scout go?


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yeah this is why i needed to proof read it before i posted
i meant 1858 doesnt 1 hit to the torso


Gee, Intervention one-shots to torso up to a hundred studs-ish.
Also is that your only defense?


i was mentioning the 1858 because he decided to mention it as being superior in comparison, and i was explaining the difference between banning a torso 1 shot weapon and a headshot 1 shot weapon


oh lord please dont use ak47 as a choice of weapon to use to outclass other weapons