CPFO and their ridiculous bans


My take on the pussy bans on guns in the CPFO.

BFG, Hecate II, and SFG: The reason for a ban is retarded. I assume it’s because they are ‘too easy’ to get a kill with. Or they are ‘too powerful a pick weapon’. Sure I’ll give you that they are easy to use. But they are arguably the worst weapons in their entire class. You know what should be bammed if we are talking about good weapons for picking off enemies? The 1958 carbine. The standard format is played in sixes right? Well guess how long it takes the 1858 to instantly kill every member of an entire team? 3 seconds. That’s not a lot of time to wipe out an entire team. So yeah if you think that the BFG is an incredibly powerful gun? Either get over your salty self, or start banning every sniper in the fucking game.

AK12BR: If you ban this, ban the FAL, because the FAL, or hell, half the fucking battle rifles, do everything the AK12BR does but infinitely better. There is zero good reason it should be banned. Again the AK12BR is a BAD gun, it’s not good at all so how is it reasonable to ban it??? Especially when there are so many better options!

Saiga and DBV with birdshot

There is nothing wrong with either of these. Birdshot is absolutely useless outside of extreme CQC. In fact I’m starting to see a pattern here. I think, and this is just a hunch, but I think whoever runs CPFO is a spineless fucking idiot who bows down to popular opinion. I’d wager to say if people said the MP5K was too good, what they would ban it as well without even looking at how it could possibly be a problem. They aren’t smart or clever, they don’t even fucking think. All they see is popular opinion, and regardless of wether the stance a bunch of children is correct or wrong, they follow it blindly.

Tl;dr step up your game fags, you are making yourselves look like jokes.


who the hell plays Competitive PF anyways


Quite a few people.


Comp is a thing?
Honestly like playing comp battlefield.


Steyr is infinitely better than those three. Hell, Steyr is better than the entire fucking class. 1858 like you mentioned is also amazing, but the bullet drop can be a turnoff for meta players with an IQ of 5.

Overrated. G3 is better. NEXT

Saiga fucking sucks with birdshot, but DBV is actually pretty good. However, the DBV’s movement is sluggish, which would put a wrench in any CQB raid, unless you were already in CQB.


Translation: All of them SUCK or at least have far better options, therefore there is no good reason to ban them, and they are just going off of mob mentality. Which is not a good thing.

Also the AK12BR isn’t even overrated. Nobody even talks about it. I mean it’s a fun gun yeah but is it good? No.


I agree. Mob mentality sucks.

I called the AK-12BR overrated because it used to be the talk of the town for a long time, and I never found anything super special about it. G3, as I have played with recently, is one of the best battle rifles I’ve used. Not as good as burst ECR, but it’s a close #2.


Those two things are nowhere near each other


First shot accuracy matters. As well, I feel that burst is a lot better for the ECR than full auto. Auto at 780 RPM with only 10 rounds is very wasteful. Burst, on the other hand, will not only kill an enemy in one burst for a longer range than the M16A4, even pre-nerf, but it will also be significantly less wasteful on the 10 round mag, cutting down on the long empty reloads and making most of your reloads partial, in spite of the 10-round magazines.


Is not a incredibly powerful gun is a cheater gun


Not a cheater gun.

It’s a gun for people who want to lay back and snipe without much care for headshots.


Thats what i said Cheater gun laying


@MrGarfield26 TRANSLATE. NOW.






Clarification: It’s a gun for campers

you guys can’t seem to put two for two can you


I’m sorry I’m responsible for a man who can’t speak ENGLISH


I’m sorry that you can’t seem to take into account the context and trying to piece together a simple puzzle an average joe like me can piece together.




That was supposed to be 1858