Cosmetic Suggestion


Ok, back to the job

inhales some fresh frutiño


So, after playing for almost 4 years now, I have always wanted to see cosmetic options for my guns

(Yes, you could say I have a strange fetish towards gun shaped barbies)

Now, 3 years ago, we got the skins update, which gave PF a breath of fresh air

Then, almost a month ago, The Staff asked us if we wanted to BE attachments for our guns, so that means they have something in mind, which means that they may be thinking about adding gun tokens

I would like my head to be a gun token

Like, look how it would look

Would look like that since my pfp is a magician doge

Now, how should Gun tokens be managed

Instead of making them useless attachments in the “Attachments” page, we could manage them in a new section that would be within the “Case Inventory” which would be renamed as “Cosmetics” and it would have different pages for each kind of cosmetic (that including management of avatar cosmetics if that day comes)

Rarity of the tokens would be the same as skins and they would be unlocked from separate cases that are determined for tokens

Now, the next thing

Gun stickers

This idea comes from my hours in CS:GO and it would actually be nice to slap a USA Sticker on my M16A4 and go out to the battle to kill those damn yellow chinks!

(Has Vietnam flashback)

Like, the stickers would be nice to have and give both contributors and normal peeps a wider range of creativity

OK so those were my suggestions on which cosmetics should also be added

leave response on the comments

frutiño effects dissappear


I would like my head to be a gun token

egoist >:((


Thats fucking offensive, I know you meant it as a joke, but watch your fucking language, swearing is fine, but dont be a racist asshole!

PS: Yes, Im a Vietnamese


Racist +1 sin



skins > stickers
since they aren’t small leik ur pp


Is that a D-D-Doge?
In fucking 2018?

Reputation -500


Sorry about that. Didn’t intend any offense. Did that joke since that weapon was used during the Vietnam War and that was how the US Marines called the Viet Kong Soldiers sometimes, but at any point I intended to offend anyone.

Let me present you my apology


Yeah, apology accepted, also, its Viet Cong, not Viet Kong.