Controversial PF Weapon Rating List (Pulled from Discord)




Intervention is better than l115a3…


You know, I do want to create a really long rant comment about the list, but meh, I’ll cut it down to only one single word.



MAC 10?
F tier?


Impossible,as far I can remember,I have the most MAC 10 kills than my other weapons (even though you guys might say I’m using it more often)
It’s MAC 10 kills in one match,it’s slightly higher than my MG36 kills in a single match




This is almost as controversial as Donald Trump’s presidency…




with the right addons mosin can be a LOT better than L11. Its biggest advantage is the lowest ADS (aim down sights) time of any sniper. it also has a good firerate for its damage, and the reload time is better than some carbines


? The L115A3 has a better aimspeed, one shot torso potential, and its own dedicated scope. Not to mention one extra round in the chamber.


AG-3 is basically an auto MK11
AKM is an auto DMR as well.
Hell, the AK-47 is as well.


Okay…deep breath. Here’s everything wrong with this list.
MK11 = Does not belong in numero uno. It’s a good gun, but it’s outclassed by too many things.
SCAR-PDW = There are better Scars. And NOBODY fucking uses this gun.
Hecate = Starts screaming inside Why…a gun that literally takes no skill…
FAMAS = I mean, it’s still good, but after the nerf it’s no longer a laser beam.
AUG A1 = …Overused steak sauce. Use A2 or A3.
Honey Badger = …I…have no words. WHY IS THIS IN C-TIER? Do you know how many tryhards use this gun? Hell, this is Syn’s weapon of choice.
AS Val = You threw my favorite assault rifle in the trash. A 900 rpm integrally suppressed nine-millimeter assault rifle…I need a drink.
Doubtless there are more…but…this is why the world is in such a terrible condition.
I’m going to cry myself to sleep now.


aug A1 is op with eotech + compensator and stubby. try it you won’t regret it.


I’ve already regretted it cause of rpm


just aim for the head.






some time ago, I showed this to the discord and nobody agreed with it.






Isn’t this a crossbred of an assault rifle and the sniper rifle?
I thought it was a versatile gun


It used to be super good, sniper level velocity, laser recoil, 4 shot at all ranges, ear raping suppression. Then Stylis slammed it with a nerf that took its damage away and halved it’s suppression. Still a decent gun though