Controversial PF Weapon Rating List (Pulled from Discord)


  • I agree with this list.
  • I see a few weapons that require different positioning in the tiers.
  • This list is biased asf & many weapons are out of place!

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A member of the Discord community posted this list. This sparked some conversation in the SS Discord. I’m wondering what you think of this list…


how is the G36C a bad carbine?

Hell, it may be the best

I’m very triggered


Colt SMH…



fuk u bot


Loving seeing those first 3 in the S-tier…

But some quick ones for me at least:

  • why RPK so low?
  • why Scar SSR so low?
  • I haven’t used it much, but replaced my Intervention with the L115A3. Is it not an upgrade?
  • have to try the AK12BR again, nobody talks about that one


ks-23m and mac 10 is f-tier…

I am unacceptablely angery right now

(edit) why is the mp5/10 tier D!?


If ease of use is not a factor then a lot of these weapons should be a lot higher up.


G17 is better than a scar. where is it?


M4? Second lowest tier?

God, that’s stupid.

Mosin higher than L115?


Wait. R700 higher than L115A3?



I love how nobody agrees to the 1st option


M16A3 C tier?
How?,the gun excels at everything i throw at it


Also MP5/10 D TIER This man wants me to got war with em
I disagree heavily with MK11 being S tier since i see it get outclassed by every AR in this game.
Nope, i’m just gonna leave this here before i get too triggered


MK11 at S tier?
Enough said.


Mac10 is OP as FUCK.

Who the hell typed this?

Also how the hell is the L115A3 at such a low tier?


This is just complete trash… seriously though so many weapons are out of place.


when 0% agree with the list and quite a few people here are on the discord, something’s wrong.


MK11 excels at the role it’s meant for, low recoil between shots with a decent RPM, 3 shot at every range with a 2 shot headshot and suppression to make sure snipers can’t hit you.

MP5 is probably put a bit high up here, although it’s just not this tier list, I’ve seen a lot of people claim the MP5 is really good when in reality it’s not anything special- the M16a3 can perform it’s role a lot better unless you just prefer aesthetics.

SCAR PDW lags behind almost all the weapons in the tier it’s placed in- it’s only redeeming factor is the 3 shot in CQC but you have better options for it.

I’m thinking about doing a tier list for each category of weapons (some will be blended however, like Assault Rifles and Battle Rifles) based on their rating in each category. I’ll probably need some differing opinions and help so it’s not just me rating all the different guns so if you’d like to help contact me through this website or through discord (Key#3345).


Mac10 should be higher, KS-23M should be higher, and AUG A2 should be in better position


its one of the best PDWs in the game wot