Concepts for a possible Surburbia Revamp


Since this community made poll seems to be succeeding (it even got announced on the discord server)

Let’s see which concepts are there for a Suburbia Revamp

My Concept Ideas:

A. A typical San Francisco Neighborhood

B. Something like the Hawkins, Indiana (People that have watched Stranger Things will get that reference)

C. Something like the town of “The End of the F—cking World

Isle of Sheppey, United Kingdom

D. Something like Hope County from Far Cry 5

You obviously know what I mean. If you don’t, you either live under a rock or just haven’t had Internet for months

Those are my concepts that would help as a reference for a possible Suburbia Revamp

Post yours on the comments along with a reference picture


K sounds good

I’m serious it sounds good, I’m just too lazy rn to elaborate




A, pls A


scary long links aaaaaa


first of all, Nice URL’s, you could’ve just copy pasted it


I’d recommend using “Hyperlinks” (insert vapor wave text image) because this

can become this