Colt SMG 635


I just realized that the Colt SMG 635 is way op…
It’s just like the vector except with more ammo but lower firerate and higher recoil. I don’t mind the low firerate, it helps with ammo consumption rate. The colt SMG’s recoil is a little high but the attachments make it less severe. Honestly, I think it should be a toxic gun like the BFG and the honey badger. I mean, its unlocked at rank 49, so its much more easily accessed than the vector or badger. I made a video comparing the vector to the Colt SMG 635.


Yeah no shit


Vector is more controllable, so I like it more, but the 465 used to be my favorite!


You realize Vector can chew through all off its ammo + it’s reserve + reloading time in like less than 10 seconds
Yeah… no


high firerate = compact shredder


like 0 ammo reserves?


So it kills fast, and SMG ammo is plentiful.


Why this gun I mean this gun is conserve to be an a spread gun but I don’t use colt smg 635. suck you colt smg 635 good gun


Spread gun? You mean low accuracy at range?
Suck you? You mean fk you or you suck?

I mean… wot


can confirm that the M635 is a godly weapon. I have 1200+ kills on it

cannot confirm it should be given the same status as the vector or badger. it’s the recoil. the crazy amount of recoil without attachments require lots of skill to control.


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I haven’t really noticed the recoil, but then again, I haven’t used it that much of now.


33 bullets are mag compared to a measly 26 rounds and coupled with it’s blistering 1200 rpm you would probably lose your fire fight if you miss fired and not to mention the 30 to 100 stud range of the kriss and the 55 to 120 stud range of the colt smg


Yeah so there’s a thing called a melee and a secondary


lemme rush a man with with the knife at 20 studs




lemme tapfire tec9 at over 50 studs


I mean you can try