Christmas 2017 in Phantom Forces


Don’t we all love that time of year where we overuse electricity to make our houses shine bright with Christmas lights, inside or out? I sure do. As a matter of fact, I’ve decided to set up some lights in my room to make it look less dead.

But anyways, back to the main point of the topic before I go too deep into showing off my bedrooms lights.

So we all love Phantom Forces and Christmas, and in the beta a while back, everything was made to feel like the holidays. Then, the next December, we were disappointed by the release of…

Base Luna

Still gives me the creeps.
So for December 2017 in PF, don’t sponsor The Last Jedi. Lito, I know you need that money to extend your hentai subscription, but don’t do it. It’s really not worth it. What I’d suggest doing before it’s too late is to make the maps Christmas-friendly. You know. Christmas lights, overdone Christmas trees, maybe some cheery Christmas music, however, no new map (unless you are working on one), because I’m sure Shay is tired of hearing-

New map plz

make a good world please

I. Want. A. New. Map. Now.

Make a map you fa-(oopsies can’t say that)

All I’m saying is, don’t overdo it with Base Luna II, or have any sponsors. Just make it feel like the soldiers wanted to celebrate the holidays, even in the midst of a bloody stalemate.

Also, add snow. Because I need to see snow. I will go insane if I don’t see any snow. It is December 5, and this is what my area looks like right about now.

For the past 4 years, the people up in Ohio have not had a White Christmas, and not even a week after those Christmases, it would begin to pile with snow.

Anyways, that’s all for today, and let’s go for a like goal.

1 like, and you will send 1 inch of snow to TP_ONE’s area, to cure his Snow-sanity.


we have the same basketball hoop yay


Make every map have snow, including Desert Storm and Crane Site. Plus, snow shaped corgis and dragons…I guess.


To, be honest. Guys don’t hate me for this please but.

I-I-I…I, actually liked base luna.


cries in corner in self shame


Also, how the fuck does snow in a desert work? Just make things a tad bit bluer on desert and dunes, to make it still look cold.

Maybe add some sandmen and sand angles. Maybe even add some cacti with the hats of the devs


Base Luna was horrifying.
Imagine everyone had fly hack.
Then imagine everyone spamming shotguns so they could hit something.
That’s Luna in a nutshell.


What’s Christmas?

What’s snow?


I’d like to see snow on desert maps, its just a dumb joke that actually works unlike a lightsaber I know . Also the bullets look like snowballs, and the player models are changed to have snow man heads.


I want base luna to be re added with better spawns PERMANENTLY



Who thinks that stylis will release the hecate 2 on Christmas day? Like when the BFG came out it said Merry Christmas have a BFG sniper. Instead it will be Merry Christmas have a Hecate 2!!! Likes Pweez!


Why is this an issue? In real life it does snow in the desert if you don’t believe me let me show you this.

That is in Saudi Arabia.


A holiday where American children get thousands of dollars worth in gifts (American Privilege)

Frozen water that looks similar to cocaine.


And now to the weather, where Northeast Ohio was surprised by a sudden 12 inches of snow falling within the span of one day. Scientists are still confused about what caused this sudden snowfall.



Antarctica is technically a desert.




Hecc it no work.


It has a 1% chance of happening


Not really it does snow in Isreal it just isn’t common.


last year it snowed in Saudi arabia I think

also it snows in northern Pakistan and if you’ve never been in that region its like 120f in the summer