Childhood stories?


Sadness is my childhood story
and theres no happiness


u pay 4 ticket?






Wait the White House?

Can you tell me what MGs they got on the roof

Is it an M60???


I showed this to my cousin (Had to translate to Spanish) and when he was reading it, he began to chuckle. By the end, I think he was crying from laughter.


I cry myself to sleep


well obviously, your always on the side of hell

is this a joke? nobody knows…


Maybe you need a companion to sleep with you

koffkoffnot @TP_ONEkoffkoff


Speeking of scars i have alot (mostly on my left hand XD) well i have one near my thumb where i slipped with a clay knife one abit above my wrist clay knife again about lemmie count 9 soldering iron scars and a ton more i cant be bloody bothered to find on my body. oh and i have a gun safe with 17 SCARS (geddit? ok i will go and rethink my life)


I feel like reviving this topic so here it goes…

Now where’s my bleach…


You should tell us a story


Wait what?



wait what howd you find a picture of me


I’m in my last year of ms so Idk if I have anything to share other than one time a mattress fell on my head and I had to get stiches on my mouth…


Really, thats it?! Cmon m8, try harder…




Reality has come…