Childhood stories?


I could see that scar actually…

Did you get stitches or something?


The lazy ass “doctors” fucking glued it back together. I did not even cry. Geez I did not cry and I was like 5. Ps I relized it was before I started school so I was 5 or 4 not 6


Strangely, I feel much more uncomfortable hearing “glued” rather than “stitched”…


one simply does not glue a scar together
wonder if he’s even a doctor


I was stung on the leg by a wasp while I was sleeping


i had a wasp hive in my grill




Dude, that’s actually a good thing

Crank that grill up as high as you can and watch them dieeeeee


the grill is broken lol
My dad found the hive a day after the grill was used
It was empty


Speaking of which, I got stung by a bee on my left, middle toe…

And I tell you, from all the places you could get stung and survive, the foot is probably the most painful place to get stung at…

And strangely after that, I developed an interest in bees…

Ants too…


My story is that I was at my mid school dance and the good thing is 3 girls wanted to dance with me but my problem was that they were playing pop I hate pop hip hop is where it’s at


my friend got a bee sting on the dingle linge

1 liek = oune deengle lieengle seaved


How bout no?

1 like = save my toe


i liek 4 yoar tohe


ITT: Children tell ‘chilhood stories’ like they aren’t still children


Irony is real, deal with it…


My school has this compulsory Taekwondo programme, and to be honest, I’m probably the worst Red Tip…

I tried doing a jump kick (cus the instructor said so) and in the third jump, I fell on my tailbone.

I was told I kicked too high, thus I slipped and fell…

Had I fell any harder on my tailbone, I would have been paralysed and not be able to tell my story…

this happened today actually, kms


rip, its was not so hard for me tho :confused:


wheres my bleach


in home



send me some korean bleach

my address is The White House