Childhood stories?


I used to bite my nails as well.
Then I got braces.


I am a nail biting addict who has been addicted for 10 years.

Help me


When I was a young 1st grade lad at Raymond Elementary (Now a field of grass), I read a Diary of A Wimpy Kid book where Rowley got the ladie’s attention from his cast.

I had come home and got scratched by my lil sis. The cut was somewhat small, but viewable. I went to school the next day I’d assumed that my then crush would like my cut on my face. So I jumped in her face being all like

Do you like my cut??

Ermmm…plz don’t ask why. I was 6 and I couldn’t control my ADHD.


A simple suggestion…
Get braces.


…I was lost in space.
I’m still is like that.


K the real thing

I went to my first academy ever at 6.
I wondered; Is Korea good or bad


Its bad
Internet Explorer smh


My nails are too short.

I always cut em down.

Thats the problem


cough cough Korean school computers Windows XP cough cough

my home computers windows 10 :stuck_out_tongue:


i eat shrimp tails
still do lol


Sooo, I chew the shrimps’ brains.


Bro wtf it get stuck between my teeth


So… when I was a kid I was in Thailand, I was playing tag with my friends near the bus loop, basically, I fell of the edges of the sidewalk and there was a bus coming right to me but I just jumped and ran, if I hadn’t got on my feet and ran I would’ve died… yea…


Lol, I thought you were supposed to suck the brains out of the shrimps head


I drink the brain juice :wink:


nail biting is gross
do you know how many germs live in your nails!?!?


Well, I bit my nail cause then I get the shape I want my nail to be


Well, I would make a microwave popcorn, and it was closed by a clothespin. I didnt take it off to put the popcorn in the microwave, and, guess what? It started to BURN.


Oh yea that reminds me, I was making ramen and I forgot to put water in it and… it caught on fire…

I froze my mountain dew in the freezer, I wanted it to melt, do. I put it in the microwave, (It was in the can, which I thought was plastic…) it then electricuted the microwave, and it caused a black out in my house


i was making mac and cheese and forgot to put water in lol