Childhood stories?


I could’ve been registered as a sex offender.

Also It’s a childhood story. I may have been in 4th or 5th grade. Now I’m going into High School still able to remember this shit.


how old was the girl?


15 I would assume…




My age then minus 2 or 3.

I was 10 or 11 so…she may have been 8 or 7


Stoooppp, youre giving me a boner…


Here’s a short one for me…

I existed, and hoped that I will die one day

####The End


Thats rather sad…


I could go different routes. I could go dark as all hell, or pretty funny.

I’ll only do dark if requested. Here’s some funny stuff.

So I assume some of you know those little electric cars, right? The ones that are basically plastic frames with a small battery inside? Basically made so young kids can feel really gangster. Well, I had a dank grey pickup truck, and one day I was driving it with my younger sister in the passenger seat.
So you know how these things are open-topped, and we had a swingset that was missing a swing, leaving an opening. Like a dimwit, I drove through, and my side made it through. Unfortunately, I didn’t account for my sister’s side, and I ended up clotheslining her on the swing. :’)

Another time, my dad let me help him shred paper. This was earlier than the previous story, when I was around seven or so. This one, I was like, two or three. Basically, I helped him shred paper in a paper shredder over a trash can. Only, on one paper I forgot to actually let go of it, and my hand ended up getting caught in the paper shredder. Had to get stitches on every one of my right-hand fingers.


When I watched my friend play club penguin, an 18 year old is considered elderly


Anyone that is 19 and above will fell old…


jesus fucking christ dude


I have a good one
Getting beaten and hit everyday of my kid life
(and it still is)


Also, I dont use a nail cutter, I bite my nails… (pls no hurt me)


Another story, when I was a kid, screwdrivers and wrenchs were my toys (no joke, they were), and whenever I go to my grandpa’s house, I played with his screwdrivers and wrenchs and disassembled lots of his fans…


Me, my cousin, and my friend went riding bikes down a special needs street at night, I had to run back to get my phone, apparently they ding dong ditched a few houses when I was gone.




I was pretty naughty when I was a kid…


im still a kid


Well. There was that time when I was three and I was at my aunt’s house. I split my older cousin’s head with a rolling pin and he had half a concussion, then I proceeded to do the same thing to the neighbor’s daughter, except this time with a trowel.
Then there was that time when I started a fire in my backyard and the fire department had to come.
Then there was that time when I brought some of my home-brewed moonshine to school. I never got caught for that.
Then there was that time when I bit a fellow student in the hand, then threatened to burn the hair of his sister if she snitched.
Ah, my childhood.