Cheeky strats thread [big update look in comments]


Post cheeky strats that are on the border of cheating, but not really. This includes weapon loadouts btw.

Mk 11 with AP 2 hit kills to the torso at any range. Given the lack of recoil on the Mk 11, you can see why this is a bit busted.

The trees on Ravod can be double jumped into. This basically guarantees you a few kills with a good long ranged gun. There is one tree towards the back which might actually have a view of the hill, but I’ve had a hard time getting to it.

On crane site, you can go about halfway on the crane, and perform the double jump trick to jump midair near the ground. This makes it so you can basically drop out of the sky onto the hill. I got an 8 man multi doing this on KOTH.

The remington 870 with Z-Point moves at its regular walkspeed while aiming for some reason. In tandem with slugs, you can outstrafe snipers, while maintaining your accuracy. It’s an important aspect in duels, and has won me many a fight. Oh also the amount of bullshit window peeking this enables is not okay.

Almost all of the palm trees in Mirage can be double jumped onto. They are also fairly scary, because unlike the trees on ravod, these trees block bullets. So you have a great vantage point and a surprise attacking point, and it makes you hard to see, and hard to hit. A bit too good if you ask me.


Mk11 AP got its 2 hit torso ability nerfed since New Steel. AN-94 could still 2-burst to the torso at any range with AP, however.


go to the edge of the map and with a well coordinated teammate, use the fly glitch. grab sniper rifles and kill people. The people who want to kill you will have a hard time doing bullet drop calculations when you are flying 2000 studs above the map


grab an AN-94 and set it to auto

making use of its first two-shots-burst, spam click as fast as you can. you’ve just gotten yourself a 1800RPM “automatic” rifle

a great loadout is

Coyote Sight
Angled Grip
Green Laser


From a fellow community member on the Discord:

Corner peeking to the left with shotguns might net you some amusing results :grin:


HO LY SH IT gotta try that with birdshot


In suburbia, I was able to double jump onto trees, and some other nooks and crannies, and got a bunch of kills, till someone got tired and realized where I was from dying a couple of times. It might be patched tho.


best spray and pray wepon
MG36 + any scope + suppressor(optional) + laser(in underbarrel) + Ballistics tracker = use alt aim


i sense a new way to do trickshots

i shall dub this…

The Peekshot

this is officially Discourse approved


Oooh, Cool



Most people know you can get into the tree near the hill on Ruins. but did you know you can get into the trees on inside every spawn?

Here’s how.

In this tree what you want to do is double jump up on top of that roof. It might take a few tries but eventually you’ll get up there. Once on, you’ll have juuuuust enough wiggle room to perform another double jump into that tree.

Proof you can do it.

Round ended before I could get screenshots on this one and its opposite side counterpart, but the methods for each are the same. You see that building on the left? Ignore it for the one in the picture. For this one what you want to do is get on one of the grave stones, and then carefully double jump onto the actual tree. Now, I never actually got the chance to test this one so take it with a grain of salt. However this next one is foolproof.

For the opposite side, you need to take a less conventional route. There is a gravestone right next to that small gray building with no insides. What you need to do is double jump from that gravestone onto the roof of that building. It sounds crazy, but it works. It just takes practice. Now from there it’s an easy double jump into the tree, and you’re in spawncamp city. You can even just barely see enemies’ heads over the hedges that guard their spawn. It’s glorious.

This is usually where the Ghost flag is on Desert Storm CTF. That wall can actually be double jumped over both ways, so you can get in and out, evading the most common areas of enemy fire getting to the flag, in seconds. Granted you are in serious danger if you try to approach over that wall, but as an escape route it’s actually quite handy. And unexpected.

This telephone pole and others like it can be accessed with a double jump off of those… big whatever they ares. What even are they, seriously? Anyways this can prove a useful tool. Not all of them can be double jumped onto but a good handful can.

The big power line tower things on Highway Lot (I don’t have a picture lol) can actually be scaled solo. All you need is hacks some very very careful double jumping, and some serious skills at not getting noticed. Once you’re up there though it’s going to be tough to stay up there. But be warned, it’s so hard even I couldn’t pull it off. And I’m REALLY good at this.

Speaking of highway lot, we have this fine position. All you have to do is double jump from that house to it. All you have to do is get on the house, which is as easy as going around back and double jumping from the propane fuel moans in hank tank, jump onto the overhand, and then go from the roof to the tree. All of these are double jumps of course.

These trees both have great views of enemy spawns for spawntrapping and a good view of the rest of the map. In the tree closest to me, you can see the top floor of the car garage and the roof of the main building. The second has a good view of the highway as well, but no view of the gas station.

This third tree can just be double jumped onto with good timing from the ground. It has an amazing view, but is very vulnerable to attack. You can even see into the main building with it, which is super useful.

This light can be jumped onto. It is by no means easy, but it is possible. What you use is the gray walls next to it. Climb up to the top, and perform a very specific double jump. You’ll be on that light. And I gotta say, pretty good position. Not gonna lie.

If for some reason you want to get here, the gas station garage’s door tops can actually be double jumped onto. This is completely useless, but I thought I’d share. Pretty neat I guess, oh and you can shoot through the walls. So if you have a teammate spotting out there and coordinating with you I guess you can spawntrap enemies. Being here also might throw off their spawns too, because you can’t spawn next to an enemy, or in a place where there is an enemy nearby. Haven’t tested that theory yet though.

Most trees in the picture I was looking at before I was so rudely interrupted can be accessed by double jumping. Although this shouldn’t be useful because Dunes shouldn’t be in the game, right @shaylan007? Luck was a replacement, riiiiiiiiiight?

Double jump. Light. Easy.
Remove the fucking map Shay.
Also sidenote, here we have a wild hellcat raging at stupid bullshit spawntrapping while he tries to get a single god damn photograph.

Following my completely justified ragequit from the shithole that is Cleveland Dunes, I find myself on another server playing another map.

If you stand here on Mall Construction, you can spawntrap the enemy team into fucking oblivion. I’ve done it. Numerous times. And it just works. This is just at the range where they can still spawn, but you can see them wherever you spawn. I can go on streaks upwards of 30 using this spot because there is nothing the enemy team can do about it so long as I react faster than them.

This spot can be jumped to for some wicked awesome gamer shot potential. Trust me, it just works and there’s like a rare chance for a railgun to spawn there and be gifted to you if you camp there long enough.

Probably a little well known but this crate can be jumped into using a very specifically timed double jump from that brown box. It actually has a perfect view of the hill too.

Da proofs

Another way you can get to it is through the use of an uneccessarily complicated maneuver, but nonetheless a useful maneuver called the Backwards long Double Jump, or BDJ for short. It involves you sprinting backwards, then in midair shifting forwards, while still sprinting, and performing a double jump. It’s surprisingly hard to pull off. If you manage to climb the orange crane that suspends the box you can jump off onto the roof of the box, and either camp there, or perform the BDJ to get inside the crate. Being above the crate has its advantages like seeing into the enemy spawn and greater overall visibility, in trade for being somewhat more vulnerable.

This little bar on the main tower of Rig can be simply double jumped to from the railing. The timing is a bit of a bitch, but it’s easy once you get a good feel for it.

And then there’s this shit on metro.

These lights have two ways of getting to them. Simply double jump from the escalator onto the lights, or you can do an extremely specific jump onto the back light from the top of the train, which I haven’t managed to pull off yet. Both of these positions put you in extremely scary places on CTF, for obvious fucking reasons.