Changing Color Of Icon


Everyone knows the colors. Unless your colorblind. Then that sucks. BUT. (heh butt)

I’ve just experienced something that some players struggled with. Blue blends in with the sky sometimes. And so you fire a couple of bullets, and before you call yourself crappy or call hacks, you realize that it is your team mate, who is smiling with soulless and dead eyes from the crane. I’ve wasted a clip trying to shoot someone, until I realized that it was my team.

So, my idea is that there should be an option to change the icons colors over your teammates so that they should be a bit more noticeable. A simple fix, maybe. But it could help some people with wasting an entire clip from their Mosin. I will never get those 5 bullets back. On the other hand, I’ve pissed off some aliens from space.

Good day!

  • Yes
  • No
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  • I don’t give two craps about your bullets and your Mosin, but sure.

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I have always shot at teammates during the day cycle. I’m not even colorblind and I swear the icon just doesn’t show up


Definitely good to add to this game (I would take some quality of life fixes like this over added guns for the time being). I boost up my gamma to see players in the dark areas better but this makes the teal team tags even tougher to see.


Cant waste bullets on teammates if your A KNIFE TRYHARD GAD DAMMIT


Bright Green or purple would be perfect colors, they would stand out very well


now imagine if the crosshair turned green when pointing at a teammate. that would be icing on the cake!


This has been requested so much I can’t decide if the devs have selective hearing or theres a band of Gremlins that will kill them if they dare try to change its color.




cant waste time if ur ingorin grammar rules


we’ve all got a horde of angry gremlins waiting for us to mess up

that must be it