Challenge a member!


i challange…

@PhantomDJ, @sutton9000 , and @Darkman_Bree on a map of their agreeing choice for a battle rifle showdown with me! each of them sporting their respective weapons ( Scar-H, G3, Fal.50, they know who they are, and i may take either the beowulf or the AG-3, using something automatic to keep it fair)


Alright Phantom and Sutton.

He stands 0 chance!






@knta12 when r we doing this some Sat in the afternewn ?


k, I accept, but ima have to find a time when I can. Are knives/pistols allowed?


Yeah no…
What about the SCAL3?


whats scal3


nvm yeah that will work


@PhantomDJ yeah, knives and frags are ok. pistols… try to keep them regulated

and hey Sutton? what time is that xd




ik I didn’t at first


K. I challenge you to a Sherman duel.

Please don’t bring in a jumbo


Dont have a sherman tho lmao


if anyone plays R6S I challenge them to a 1v1. or if we get an equal amount of people (4 people for 2v2 etc) then we can do a custom game and see which team wins. im also garbage at siege with like 150 hours or something
this event, if someone or a few people are found, should take place some time tomorrow (sunday 2nd feb)


Ok which nation are you grinding?


[mcdonalds tune], no one plays siege


Germany and Russia


Panzer IV fite then


M’kay. When shall we?