Challenge a member!


Apocalypse Rising 1. Let’s see if your good. :wink:


@ssuuka dare you to go pdw only on mirage :wink: no secondaries tho grenades and melees allowed




How much


join the VIP server and we’ll see

well, if youre available rn


give me link


or just friend me




Not rn though


Do SVU pbs-4 ,vertical, PKA and bal track with a glock 18 on semi-auto mode only stock


I challenge u to a duel fal v G3 @Darkman_Bree


Yes, but get a tissue box okay?
Because Darkman knows you shall cry of the loss.

And the crying will be a like a savory soda for my soul!



Fight me you gaggle of fags.


While I’m gonna record the G3 Stock and Frags only challenge.
I want some Apocalypse Rising 2 challenges.

I really want challenges for that game!
(Also, you can see how Apoc 2 works then for you Apoc fans that don’t have robux or patience to wait until free full release)


Civilian weapons only
Pistols only
Melees and other tools only


Choose 1 house on the map. Great, now you can never ever leave that house. You get a total of 15 minutes to loot before you have to go straight to the house. You can do anything you want, until the timer runs out, in which case you must immediately travel to the house WITHOUT LOOTING ANYTHING.


Ooh, Those 2 seem like fun to do!

This is not possible because explosions and melee’s aren’t added to Apoc 2 yet!

For how long do I have to survive in that house?


Until you die. The record is based on kills, not days survived.

But this challenge is more suited to AR1. My record for it was 8 kills over 5 days in a small two-story building next to the tower in MA.


I’ll do the house fortification off camera in Apoc 2, because recording for that long would be boring.

The rest are good for recording.


Use AG - 3 with PBS1 on Desert storm and snipe with it


Oh boy…