Challenge a member!


Here you can challenge a member here!
(He can accept or deny it, but accepting is more fun right?)

Evidence is required if the challenge is completed.

Btw, If you challenge me, I can record the challenges on youtube!

I play Minecraft, TF2, Terraria, PUBG, Roblox, Left 4 Dead 2, Phantom Forces, Apoc, Apoc 2, Typical Colors 2,…

(I would love Apoc 2/PF challenges mostly)

But… I wanna challenge someone here too…
I challenge @ssuuka to go ZIP 22 only for 1 round, Nothing else, no primary, no melee, no frags, only ZIP!


artillery… I mean frag only


I challenge you, Darkman, to use the G3 only, stock attachments


I accept ya challenge



1v1 minecraft PVP



Oh god.
I’ll do that I guess when I have time.

(I would love Apoc 2 challenges too.)


Who are you challenging?


1v1 minecraft PVP @Darkman_Bree


Pfff, I’ll make you dead’er than a Dead Bush.


compare our channel contents… who has more minecraft PVP videos?


Who says I don’t pvp though?

(But I dislike Survival Games, Skywars, and 1v1’s with OP stuff, However I like Bed Wars.)


Im pretty decent with a bow, but I’m also kind of an all rounder at pvp


I challenge the local forum weebs (including me) to get the Anime/Manga* skin for the hattori




But I barely use grenades!
Very rarely I throw atleast 1


well then you’ve not gotten the full experience in being a mobile mortar


Darkman where u at


@Skillzz to kill 12 people with frag


I am not available today, never on Tuesdays unless there’s no school.



weekends it is