Case Opening Screens & A New Key


I like the Space Case. I purchase many Space Cases. It is through my frequent purchases that I discovered something that hurts my brain. No, the case opening system isn’t confusing at all. Instead, it’s the necessity of unique screens that’s gotten me curious. Curious as to why such screens exist. Along with this problem, I have developed a solution, further discussed later.

Case Opening Screens

There are two different screens for however you decide to open a case. If you open a case via the case icon, the player is transported to a screen where not only can you open that case, but you can also purchase a key if you do not have one. However, if you open a case via the key icon, the player is sent to a screen where they choose which case they would like to open.

Here’s my question: Given that the key only opens one type of case (that matches the key), what use is this? What difference does picking one of many of the same type of case make? If you were able to justify this screen’s existence, what about keys? Why are we then not able to select which key we would want to use? Surely if you were able to give a reason for choosing whatever case, you could then apply it to keys, right?

Sure, the cases may have pre-defined rewards. But no, they couldn’t have. The possibility of getting a legendary knife/skin increases everytime the player opens a certain case. The cases wouldn’t have pre-defined rewards simply because the probability had already been decided before that percentage increase. Then again, maybe the players are being scammed. You’d have to agree that this screen is practically useless otherwise.

A New Key

So with this problem comes my solution. As I asked before, “What difference does picking one of many of the same type of case make?” This new key may justify this screen. That is a certain key that will open any case from a particular tier. Said key should not be available for purchase. Instead, I suggest that no keys are to be rewarded when a team wins a match other than this new key. The tier key is randomly selected:

(Yes, this does add up to 100% :wink:)

  • 45% - Tier I
  • 22% - Tier II
  • 17% - Tier III
  • 11% - Tier IV
  • 5% - Tier V

This will also keep players chill about how they “never get the key they need”. When you open a case via a key, you are given an option, that is, whatever cases you may have in that particular tier. For example, if I were to have a Tier III case, I could choose whether or not to open a Space or a Monster Case. Similarly, when you want to open a case via the case icon, you should be given this choice. This can be accomplished either by the useless key screen I talked about earlier or the posh screen you get when you open via case icon (as a drop-down option).

Additionally, in this useless screen, we should not have a whole array of cases, but instead a stack, similar to what we see in our inventories. It only makes sense.

I’m open to discussions and criticisms. Thanks.

Skin Presets

Torush has outdone himself once again.


I’m afraid I can’t let you do that starfox!

Ya, good idea.


You can assign cases to weapons…


Please read the post before replying.


Forgot the quote.


This topic has nothing to do with and did not reference, assigning cases to a specific weapon. The quote you used is an objective proposition; that keys only open a specific type of case that corresponds to the key. I understand how this could have been misunderstood, but not misinterpreted.