Bloxy Awards


Which one of you got salty?

Not sure if this is appropriate for the Phantom Forces tag…


Aw, what? PF is difficult. Even after a full year of playing, my KDR is no better than 1.5


since when was pf hard lmao


my kd still is at 1.78 after 1,5 years though


i tried escape room
its actually hard

its more than aiming and shooting


you have to use your head or you don’t escape


Jailbreak is the stupidest game on roblox…so overrated


Phantom forces is pretty hard, I’ve been here since before Luna base and I’m only rank 89 with no guns over 1.5 kills


Pretty much same but I’ve been playing for since the free version was released… then I took a 1.5 year long break


I only voted for it because of the drift mechanics. That’s pretty much all that’s really going for it in my eyes.


hooooooow is it hard


Its really hard


How is this game hard if i can go from 1.25 KDR to 2.78 KDR in 2 years it’s not hard when you master the core mechanics


I can’t get anymore than 3 kills per death in an average game. Somehow there’s always someone dropshotting through a wall or fragging the air


Don’t die. Just think it, and believe it, and you will be like Chroniton. 89-1


That just got me more dead


and yes, you should use your head (literally) to escape


My KDR is 2.21

i is stronker then u


Close this before more people complain or brag about their KDR. ;_;


How to equip a gun b sides veh am siex dee?