Biggest issues with the game currently (poll)


Fal please thank you


In all honesty, I just want either the SVT-40 in PF, or CoR5 to come back as it was.




I don’t think there is any best game on roblox, PF is a good game. But it isn’t the best. “The best game” is impossible to define. PF is a game, it has over 10k+ lines of code, and has work put into it, and PF is losing it’s place as the best game. If anything there are better games than PF code wise, right now. Robot 64 is a example, and oof brigade, (a meme rn) is as good battlefield spinoff in development.


I like roblox ww2


meleeeeeee weaaaaaponnnnns


Dood thanks for the suggestion. Oof Brigade looks like a fun one (I like the larger open maps that I’ve seen for it on Youtube so far).

I think the melee meme weapons are silly, but the stats (OP) are my big problem – the huge damage, huge range, mismatch vs bullets (bullets miss so often at close range with the net code and lag compensation whereas melee doesn’t). I really wouldn’t mind if melee turned into hitting someone with the stock of your weapon, and the damage was hugely nerfed to do as much as a pistol bodyshot.

The real thing I would love would be if the Roblox code were improved so the game could be truly optimized (or it separated itself from Roblox). Of course the scope there would basically require a new game from the ground up…