Biggest issues with the game currently (poll)


So I’m planning to make a big post sooner or later, and I want to get a few statistics for it.
Your allowed to pick more than one option.

If other is selected, please elaborate in the comments.

What are your biggest issues with PF/Stylis?

  • Melee weapons
  • Melee stats
  • Gun balance
  • Stylis lack of communication
  • Maps
  • Weapon design
  • Not listening to the community
  • Lack of features (customization, equipment, grenades, etc.)
  • Community
  • Lack of significant updates
  • Other

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wow a poll about PF that doesn’t have FAL? It’s almost like we don’t have to put it on everything


Other: Lack of FAL and M45A1 being Dev only


Damn your loop holes


Community bitching too much about shit


Equipment has existed for nearly a year, yet there are still no items to use as equipment


finally someone spoke up


if equipment isn’t going to be a thing for a long time, the option should be removed until an equipment system is put in place



Maybe there invisible?


@RedComm why must you do this to me
(I expect at least one person would vote all options)


I neglected to vote "other"
Your argument is therefore invalid.


Touche dear sir, touche in deed.



These are the major things I chose in the poll.

Not Listening To The Community / Lack of Communication by StyLiS

This is a problem that I agree with. They do read & listen to people’s suggestions, but they haven’t taken action upon it. I suppose this is the real reason why people pick this option.

There’s a lot of underlying factors for why the suggestions from the community aren’t being acted upon. Most of the StyLiS Staff don’t have an exact idea of what’s going on. Only the developers themselves understand what happens, and I doubt they will tell us.

For the most part, most of the playerbase is fine with the changes to PF. Only a portion of the playerbase (That’s you guys) have contact with StyLiS via website, TS or Discord. You can express your ideas about the changes here, but StyLiS has to consider if the changes you suggest will affect the rest of the player base.

As for the lack of communication by StyLiS, that is partially true. They do respond when it’s feasible for them, and they have announcements in the SS Discord. The work they do for PF, as well as their own life stuff does make communication less frequent, though.

Here’s something to think about:

Lack of Significant Updates / Features / Maps

Well, here’s an image from the #game-suggestions channel in the SS Discord:
This one is about why there’s a lack of significant updates:

Melee weapons & their statistics

These two go hand in hand. In my opinion, the melee statistics should be a fixed amount for all melee weapons in the respective category (e.g. All single hand blade weapons have the same damage, range, etc)

The amount of times that people get one shotted by a melee weapon at full HP from the front is off the charts. It leads me to believe there’s a torso multiplier for all melee weapons, when it really should be 1.0x.

The damage of melee weapons should be nerfed by a noticeable amount, to the point where people resort to melee as a last resort finisher (Instead of rushing towards people with the melee weapon). Range could use a slight nerf as well.


there should be a “everything” option




There might be a lot wrong with PF, but it is, by far, the best game on Roblox right now.

Find a fix to the melee problem.
Guns are well balanced… except the Kriss Vector. That is the most OP gun in the game.
Some customization outside of camos (and a fix to the camo location on the guns) would go a long way. An example would be the M1911. This is one, and I believe the only one, gun that needs a 3rd camo option for the grip on the handle. Also reticle coloring for red-dot type and sniper scope options. I could go on.

With the absolute mess of the code you have, find pieces of code you know you can simplify without breaking anything and work from there.


Then pick everything


This is very Interesting information, thank you for bringing it up, and I’m glad I waited before typing my big post now. I do have a question and response though:

  1. when was CoR6 announced beyond "we’ll remaster it in the future? I was never informed about anything beyond that.

  2. I think the issues people are currently having with stylis is that the community doesn’t know crap about how stylis works.
    People are looking for feedback and a clear idea of where PF is going. We want to give ideas, but without knowing how to best apply it to Stylis, it creates the lack of communication feeling everyone is feeling.
    I don’t want to give too much detail that would give away my entire post, so I’ll leave it at that.

P.S. I appreciate the information, I’d love to hear more.


No problem. I’ll try to let this community know as much info as possible without going into confidential stuff concerning StyLiS :smiley:

I’ll need to look at the “COR6” case in more detail, since I’ve recently heard of it. I did manage to find this, though:

All the results of COR6 in the SS Discord. This doesn’t mean that they will make it, though.

Comparing those results to the “COR5” ones:

As for the lack of communication part, I agree. In fact, both the StyLiS team & the community can work at their own ends to bring this issue down.


So true Omg


Yes! we need the fal