Banned with no chance of appeal or explanation

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So i was soft banned a few days ago for saying the n word as a joke, and because im not used to discord I thought that soft band were just being kicked. I came back from a link and they person who banned me told me why.
Thinking it was all said and done today I was chatting when that person came back on, and banned me for quote “using alts and evading ban” even though they acknowledged I was on the server right after i rejoined.
If somebody could help me with an explanation or a way to be unbanned I would be very grateful
EDIT: yea my grammar was terrible too lazy to fix




yes I was literally banned for using the n word as a joke


but why.


I don’t know why, I said the n word and came back, the person who banned me didn’t care until today when I was hard banned for “ban evasion” with alts when I’m using the same fricking account


but why were you using it IN THE FIRST PLACE?


As a Joke boi


Dem niggas have some nice grass homies, lets bust dem asses and smoke some pot eh?


Clearly you need to learn which jokes are acceptable and can be tolerated.


it literally states you can’t say the n-word, ironically or unironically

smh kids these days don’t read their shit


There’s a list?


You all aren’t helping, I know it was stupid to say that but I don’t know why they think I am evading ban with “alts”


What a bunch of wimps


Discord is very frustrating honestly


point proven


I actually LOL’ed when he said that.
For real though, what kind of dipshit are you to not read rules?


Also, rules state that it is not tolerated to say the n word. This can lead anyone with a brain to infer that you may get banned temporarily or permanently without warning.