Ban Appeal Concern

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This is not a ban appeal

So this is probably old considering I’ve been really busy in the past few weeks, however, it is something I have a concern over nonetheless, and that concern is over this:

I would personally never use exploits in a game let alone play it, though this statement raises a few problems. I do not deny the fact that one’s account is their own responsibility, however, there may be instances where such responsibilities can be excused.

This is evident in the case where someone logs into someone else’s account by the random luck of guessing the password first try. This is very unlikely, but this is a perfectly valid counter-example. Another would be where the account is hacked without the owner of that account going to deceitful sites or being lead to provide ROBLOSECUIRTY numbers and such.

To what finite extent is this responsibility paramount? The above two cases are those which are out of the account owner’s control, hence it is not very reasonable to dismiss such cases. I am aware that this excuse may be used incorrectly but admire the case where you wrongfully deny an innocent’s pledge.

Also, there’s only one method what’s up with that?


I have not read the full terms so ill get back to this and add in my opinion once I’m done

August 24, 2018 11:24 AM (Europe: Paris), August 24, 2018 2:24 AM (America: Los Angeles)

the examples you stated are not centred around phantom forces, but to the entire ROBLOX platform.

firstly, hacking into someone’s account is violating the rules of ROBLOX, and therefore should be reported and handled to and by the Support Team.

the victim can gather evidence that it’s his account and, if the said scenario of his account being taken advantage happens, the StyLiS team can support by unbanning the account (again, provided there is sufficient evidence)

but then again, a counter argument to myself is that:

it is in line to the statement “Your account is your responsibility”, because who asked you to enter a malicious website that had managed to access your account?

shouldn’t you take responsibility of not thinking twice about trying to get free Robux by that sketchy website?


I would agree with

because that is surely not your fault.


would solely be on the victim for he has acted without thinking


Though you seem to undermine the example, that is, the owner of the account does not go to such sites. The point of the example was to accentuate random hack attacks.

However, your response definitely covers something I overlooked myself. :ok_hand:


oof, I actually read back the original post and did not notice the

my bad, but say if the dude goes to such sites, it’s still his fault for doing so…


No, it’s brand new. I’m pretty sure they just added it today because it wasn’t here yesterday, that’s for sure.


Does Roblox have any TOS regarding hacking?


But of course. However, that doesn’t prevent anyone from trying.