Bad suggestion megathread


A full auto hecate with no recoil unlock at rank 0.


Make PF hella realistic


Make every gun that would one hit kill irl, one hit kill in pf, and if you are shot at the leg, you pf character will start limping, slowing down, and might even collapse in a forced prone.


Remove respawning.
Because realism.


Remove BFG and several other guns that people want removed


make it so when they pick up your gun they become invincible for the entire match (must be level 5+)


no reoil on all guns and no muzzle flash either


This will balance the game.

Someone make this a meme for this thread.


Add a licensed modded pf, which a random dev has the rights to, and can add all these bad suggestions, but they have to give 10% royalty of all money earned from this pf(actually a good suggestion)


i guess


Just have no purchasable goods


Remove the night time in pf


Add billions of copyrighted emotes and profit from them.
Battle pass anybody


he said bad suggestion not good suggestion


Please no dont do this to the game


Make it so that you have to buy ammo 100 CR each mag (30 rounds)


bye bye skins


add the yeet sound effect.


remove hitreg


Remove bullets