Bad suggestion megathread


Make and suggestions so bad they might come around and become good(but don’t try to do that)

Like Bikes!
And flying becoming a feature
And Youtubers take 99% less dmg
etc, you get the point


Isn’t this a thread already

  • Add AN-94 variants.
  • Readd the Railgun.
  • Allow us to travel to space.
  • Allow us to break meshes with the Ice Pick.
  • Allow us to eat enemies.


Base luna, oh god no


If your level 1 you get perm admin


How about implementing aimbot as a glitch?

oh wait


AN-94 variants would be great


No side to side or vertical recoil on the M60 and RPK


Add FAL variants


Belongs to the good suggestions megathread.


No more FAL variants we don’t need another series turning into the AK-12’s


is there a good suggestion mega thread :thonk:


lets turn phantom forces into an over tacticalized shooter, filled with all the unnecessary gay shit suggested on this forum day-by-day


It says it on the tin ,man “Advanced tactical warfare” but it isn’t “tactical” or “Advanced” with some exceptions,


Yes, This:


Remove every gun except for MG36
Make it so that when I use it I one-shot when anybody else uses it it deals 0 damage, and -1 damage for headshot


Add a whole new class of guns: historic, with flintlocks’ muskets, and different typea of bows and arrow.


All guns no recoil exept mele;they have100% recoil


This would make the game balanced.


Dual snipers; cant scope in baiscaly has NO accuracy and has no recoil either