Bad PF Maps and their mistakes and how to fix it


So I’ve seen many people disliking the new maps, and I thought, Why not see their biggest flaws to see the kind of ideal PF map that people want? I will be incorrect on some things, and I may miss some bad reasons about a map, so you can correct or add on to what I say about a map’s flaws in the comments. Anyways, let’s get into it.


I’m going to start off with this map because it seems to be the map that was disliked the most, for the longest time. Metro is a map that takes place in an underground train terminal, or a subway station. One thing that I think makes the map bad is first off, the lag. There are a lot of little abandoned stands sitting around that can be used as cover. Because of all the stands and such, this causes quite a bit of lag. While it isn’t as bad nowdays, the lag was in it’s prime prior to the Official Release of PF (imo). Another thing this map does wrong is the layout. The layout is painful, and I always seem to be equipped with an SMG on this map. I find it difficult to use snipers and scoped weapons with all the stands in the way of enemies. I believe it is worse on KoTH, especially when spawn killing is the best strategy by half the other team. The spawn points are terrible, and what makes it worse is that it is stupidly easy to find a path at the back of the spawn point area, which Directly leads to the other spawn point. This allows for spawn killing to occur super easily, and it is once again, a pain in everyone’s arse. Overall, the map isn’t as bad as it once was, but it’s terrible nevertheless.

Crane Site Revamp

Crane Site Revamp was an interesting map, however it was removed because of all the hate it recieved from players. To be honest, there really was nothing wrong with it, other than the addition of a second crane, and KoTH. One thing that made this map terrible on KoTH was the hill location, the top floor of the parking garage. It was terrible. Because of it’s location, the hill was extremely prone to crane dwellers and snipers alike. The other building next to the parking garage would give the enemy an advantage because they had a higher elevation,meaning that bullet drop wasn’t a problem. And don’t get me started on the stairs. There were so many bodies being produced from people who tried to invade by using the steps. It was horrendous, because of the space where enemies can sit and shoot you. It was one hell of a pain that always made me clench my fists and rage. Other than KoTH, the map was ok, unless you had campers on the top floor. But then again, they were always a problem.


Warehouse, one of the first permanent Post-beta maps added, was horrendous on release. One of my biggest problems with the map was the lag. When the map was first added, the lag got so bad, I would skip the entire match and wait for Ravod to come. Eventually, the lag was fixed, but I still don’t like the map too much. It is cluttered to the brim with buildings and cars, and corners, which promote the need for urban-style combat, where an SMG is needed and you need to have fast reflexes. I don’t like to use long range snipers or rifles on this map due to it’s cluster of buildings. The enemy can hide, while I am waiting for a target to hit. Also, it feels kinda ugly considering it looks like an Airsoft arena, much rather than an actual warehouse. Wallbangs can occur one too many times here, and it is hard to get a good view of the map from the ground, because of all the buildings. I won’t even cover KoTH, because I can never cap the hill or find a way to it without getting shot.


The newest map added, Dunes, which is essentially a huge ass motel, covered in large dunes of sand. As much as I like the aesthetic, it is terrible. The previous times I’ve played on this map, I always had a KDR below 1. This was because of the spawn points. On one side of the map, there are a group of houses, which is ok for a spawn point, but there are serious problems. Because the enemy can easily camp from the top of the motels closest to the houses or the fallen water tower, they get that height advantage. This makes it hard for the players by the houses to escape alive, or even reach the guy. As for the motels, it’s bland. I understand more items and details cause a frame drop, but could the room have at least something in there? I’m not asking for every motel to be turned into normal housing, but at least put something in the rooms. As for KoTH on Dunes, it is a living hell, it causes high levels of stress, and it’s so cheesy. First off, why is the hill in the sinkhole? The problem with doing that is hill Invaders can be easily picked off with a few guys sitting around the hill. So usually, what ends up happening is that one team holds the hill for the entire match, because your team either doesn’t PTFO, or they can’t get the hill campers. It’s stressful, and I genuinely wish KoTH was restricted on Dunes. As for the map, it is too cluttered with sand dunes, the motel complex, and other things. This once again, causes the need for a shorter barreled weapon, but then a sniper hits you. I don’t know the kind of range this map has, and I usually switch between CQC and Long Range. While I do enjoy seeing palm trees, and neon signs in a beautifully themed PF map, the layout and Flare and hill locations say otherwise. In this case, it was a good map gone wrong. Maybe a Dunes Revamp with more open space could be added?


By far one of the most disliked maps on this list, everything is done wrong. It is cluttered once more, which promotes the use of SMGs and close ranged weapons. KoTH on this map causes a whole lot of bodies strewn everywhere, thus lag is multiplied. Everytime I play this map, I do extremely crappy and it makes me rage. One thing this map became notoriously bad for is the roof barriers. For a time, players could access the roofs and if you tied to frag it, it would bounce off, back to you. I was confused the first time I discovered this, and at the same time, I was thinking What the actual fuck was that? Later on, this got fixed…kinda. Also, on one match, I don’t know if it was a glitch or what, but I can go beyond the little bit of neighborhood that is made for fighting in, to the less detailed parts of the map. So, seeing this, I consider the map boundaries a bit strange, if not, broken. I’ve also heard people say that the map is a little rushed. In conclusion, Suburbia is like an unevenly cooked chicken. It looks fine and perfectly good to eat on the outside, but once you get in the inside and see pink, you realize that whoever cooked it, failed to be patient, or didn’t take the right amount of time to properly cook it right.

Based on all these views on the maps, we can see a pattern with most maps, which is that KoTH is not very good, it tends to make lag, and you will be restricted to using SMGs and close range weapons, rather than utilizing your entire armory. Now I do understand some people can use long ranged weapons on this map, but most can’t, and that’s what makes it a pain.

Map Idea that learns from previous mistakes

So after seeing all these flaws, I took a shot at trying to make a map that solves all these problems. I looked at maps such as Desert Storm, Ravod 911, and Highway Lot to see what I could dig up. One common thing about the maps is that all weapons of different ranges. They are all generally open, and not closed up and tightly packed. Using these key elements, I’ve made a map. I plan to add visuals later, but as for now, the map stretches the spawn points as far away from each other, to avoid instant spawn killing. Next, both sides have little military posts with AA guns, for the aesthetic. Next, the main battlefield is more open, with the addition of small groups of desert houses I added, in case you don’t like the dunes. The hill would not be dead center, but rather sit in a more popular part of the map, where there’s cover and its not sitting in the open. Now obviously, the map has flaws, but I tried to make it appeal to every type of player. Now this map concept I have is of course, gonna change, and maybe someone could rebuild it in Roblox, because I don’t build maps.

Anyways, that’s all I have for today. Sorry if it was painfully long, I have tried to fit as much detail in here. Anyways hopefully, you found it informative, and enjoyed it.


Better solution:
Make map in map competition to do something about it.


I can’t make maps.




I don’t see that many people complaining about dunes. my guess is that it’s still new and the minority are still trying to figure out the map’s rhythm.

Also, I can’t be the only person who never got lag on warehouse with my potato computer. warehouse is just a really good map imo, I can’t really think of where it goes wrong.

btw long range does great, git gud.


Metro is actually my favorite :confused:


Warehouse wasn’t ever that bad TBH, but dunes, it has a OK layout, but the lag is real. I have a 950 and a i7 and my game freezes for a few frame time to time


I started working on reducing part count in dunes, and i am going to redo spawns a bit




but not i7




Let me help you since hypo is fat


Metro is pretty much your average 3-lane COD map. It pretty much feels exactly like Combine from BO3 to me.


I see what you did there


I like warehouse for sheer M231 feeds.


The maps I think need the most adjustment are Warehouse and Suburbia. Suburbia needs to be spaced out a little bit when it comes to the objectives. The only true cover is inside the houses, or on the outskirts of the maps. So we need more passive cover objects. Warehouse suffers from often too much cover that is useless. Too many spots where people can sit and simply spray down groups of people without having much of a chance to die. Metro, or as I call it: “Meatgrinder” is simply that. Very little engagement happens below the main level, turning it into just a long hallway where there’s almost constant spray back and forth. I personally think that there needs to be some sort of way to attract more attention to the outskirts of the map. More passive cover between the railways as well as I think limiting access up to the main level. Maybe turning the escalators at the one side into broken ones that require some sort of a jump to get across. The stairwell on the other side could also use a similar system.


Its actually not very hard. Idk how @BattleWiner does it but I imagine that using a terrane generator and then further editing/placing buildings, changing colors, etc. I know how to 3D design buildings but I haven’t done a lot with terrane generators.