Bad jokes thread

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going to post my dad jokes here

  1. I have a joke about the ocean but it’s hard to sea
  2. I have a joke about bread but it’s pretty stale
  3. I have a joke about flashbangs but no one can see
  4. I have a joke about feet but it’s pretty stinky
  5. I have a joke about corn but it’s pretty corny



No its not people hating on you, it’s a ghost


What should you say when you open a case and it gives you a shitty skin?

That’s not the case


500 magnum like to eat wrist


Ajit Pai




When you get to the top of the crane and get sniped off


A "poke"ball

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What do you call and angry nut?

A pissed-achio


Does Lightning McQueen have life insurance or car insurance?
Why does Noëlle have two 'L’s if there are No Ls?

All the things in your life have lead you to reading this.


Do dishes weigh scales with scales?