Attachment (Long/Rifled Barrel)

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There’s already been a lot of posts like this.


Most weapons in the game already have rifled barrels, not sure why you’d want to apply the same rifling again…


That’s why I added or had “Long Barrel” as an option in the title.


Another issue I see with this, is recoil increase. A longer barrel reduces recoil.


I only said increased recoil for balancing reasons


There’s other more realistic ways to balance it.


Very true. It’s just how I saw “balancing” for it.


A longer barrel would reduce recoil and sound.


Recoil and stability are different things, afaik.
How I think it’d work:

  • Increase ADS stability by 10% at the cost of -15% hipfire stability
  • +20% base muzzle velocity
  • -5% movement speed with weapon equipped

If slugs are equipped, then perhaps a shotgun can use a rifled barrel to increase the muzzle velocity too. (Only for slugs)

Questionable ideas would be decreasing the damage falloff of certain weapons, etc.

If only PF had a mechanic which made guns close to walls fold to the chest…


I would fucking love to see that, but I feel as if it would be kinda buggy on certain surfaces.


I have noticed that you can easily shoot through 2 studs if your close enough to a wall. This idea seems to be a good fix; however, who knows how many more bugs it’ll bring.
I think it deserves a topic of its own.


CALL it heavy barrel for long range attacks







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Yeah, though I think the sound should be like 0.5x louder, that way it’s a bit more balanced, and I think they shouldn’t add it for Dragunov SVU/SVDS (to devs), or maybe not for DMRs at all. Also +10% ADS stability, -5% HFS, +20% MV, -10% move speed