Attachment (Long/Rifled Barrel)

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A feature that I suggest is something that all guns except shotguns and snipers can obtain.
That suggestion is an attachment called Long Barrel, or Rifled Barrel.
It can for example increase muzzle velocity (studs/s) by 1.25x and increase the recoil a tad bit and the muzzle sound/ fire sound is a tad bit louder, and more distinguishable. It could seem like both a positive and negative thing. The sound would only be like 1.05x to 1.1x louder. For example with muzzle velocity calculations, a UMP-45 (Base velocity is 1500 studs/s) with the Rifled/Long Barrel would increase the base velocity to 1875 studs/s. I feel like I could benefit some guns that are on the lower or unloved side of the “spectrum” I should say. You can adjust the multipliers for anything to however you’d like for the game (directed to the developers). Sorry, this is a bit lengthy. I just wanted to go into detail.


Increase muzzle velocity = increase damage
My Vector + hollow + this attachment = Zeus’s Thunder


However, it’s possibly going to have more recoil and more of a distinguishable sound for a downside, if it gets added and if that’s what’s added.


That was really short for a suggestion with actual effort put into it.

But yeah, I have mixed feelings about this idea. For one, doesn’t seem that bad. But then again
Vector + HP + Rifled Barrel = Hell

A good idea to put this as an ‘Other’ attachment so that Snip4life doesn’t turn the servers he plays on into hell.

His Kriss + HP is a physical pain, and i barely survived it


Lmao, I am god with it, it shreds people into minced meat


I dont give a shit, as long as my TtK is below 0.2


not broken at all


I hate you for that, I’m calling hacks on you and telling my dad, he works at Roblox and hes gonna ban you /s

Honestly, I could see potential in this. In fact, the Long Barrel has been tested before in the CTE, on the M635.

I’ve tried it on the M635, and hell you won’t believe what it did.

It improved it’s overall accuracy, and has a longer damage drop off, but hipfire accuracy got worse and it’s slightly more unstable.

Also the barrel in the CTE was in the “Barrel” category, which makes sense, but considering the

I think this suggestion should go to “Others” for balancing purpose


I can see that. But developers can look deeper into it and they could really choose what goes it goes on and what doesn’t. The UMP-45 honestly needs it. Even rank 10s use that Vector HP setup, and they even have trouble against my aggressive playstyle when I’m using the UMP-45. And having it as an “other” kinda ruins the meaning of “barrel”. After thinking about the Vector being a thing, I kinda have mixed feelings too. I personally thought the suggestion was lengthy because I see other’s posts being short.


Trust me, no one knew about that setup til I killed moong, gar and TP with it.

  1. Stop inflating ur ego.

  2. You haven’t played against @Snip4life, or at least, me with SMGs


You forgetting about me and my M635?


Forgot about that


Even I rekt you with my Vector

  1. Not inflating it. Just mentioning my point of view on how I go against that setup in-game, descriptively. This post is for a suggestion (for a feature), not for arguments.

  2. Doesn’t mean you could have any say if you haven’t played against me.


rifles barrels already exist for most guns

do they?


Well, it’s to improve range capabilities. Don’t think they’d exist in PF


Calling it a rifled barrel is dumb. Every modern weapon uses a rifled barrel. Pistols, SMGs, Assault Riles, Battle Rifles, DMRs, Sniper Rifles, Machine Guns. Unless it’s some sort of weapon like the Franklin Armory “Reformation” which is a horrible gun.


That’s why I had “long” as an option.


I’m not going any further. Because this will devolved into an argument. I can smell it

and it smells like some bad cheese