[Argument] Sniper Rifles Are Broken And If You Like Them You Are Broken Too


Nuuuuh, not my bb ;-;


Lemme hit that feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed



Lol ok


You can always cross-map with the M1911. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s the thing.

Snipers really only target other snipers. The game is generally too fast for snipers to target automatics so most resort to sniping other snipers who are generally slower targets. Usually this leads to a situation where the automatics play the objectives and the snipers have their own sub-duels where they only shoot each other in a closed system.
Snipers rifles should be able to hit “bouncy-kangaroo” automatics. You should not be able to “dodge” a sniper on a long piece of open ground.
If you are being spawnkilled, unless you are a very good sniper, it’s better to equip an automatic and try to get behind the lines then to snipe back, because at any given moment 6-7 players will be targeting you, and when you stand still to aim, you are wiped off the map.

Snipers need to be fixed; they must be BUFFED.




I snipe the Lil guys running around with their melees.


Ecks dee
I am an intervention mainer, nobody ingame ever complained, this is a complaint about sniper rifles, everyone can main their favourite guns and i main a sniper rifle, they do not even need a nerf or that kinda sh*t. The only sniper that is cancerous is the bfg, which has been nerfed…
…Multiple times


Ah, this brings so much memories…


You’ve forgotten about the Hecate…


Yea that one too