[Argument] Sniper Rifles Are Broken And If You Like Them You Are Broken Too


I understand the sniping is hard (I haven’t been hitting heads recently) bit don’t bring your salty anger to a forum of peace. We really hate it when you guys get toxic to the point where you came…

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Firstly, I’d like to bring up the rebuttal that the reason why snipers are targeted often in games even though they are very far away is because people know of the imminent death that awaits them if they let the sniper get a shot on them. That is why while front-liners scout the map in search of people to kill, your team’s snipers are having a fight with the other team’s snipers in an attempt to take them out so you can further advanced into their spawn. So with this in mind, I see snipers as a form of cover-fire and distraction, thus lending support to the team and picking off any possible hostiles in a distance, and I appreciate that.


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So moral of the story kids, sniper rifles are broken for being sniper rifles.


Okay, @TIREUR This is a lot of work gone into a topic but…
I’ll have to argue against you.
I’m not going to cover everything so I’ll be glad to reply again.
@Viritrilbia pointed out many things. So…

Sniper’s Weaknesses:

First off, all weapons have their roles most of which are not well used.
Such as LMGs, they are the King of destroying snipers.
They’re suppression is enough to stop any sniper without a professional level of skill.

All this is based on skill wise, if a argument is going to be based on this then it will be counteracted by the same argument.

Second, snipers are meant for long range as stated but how well do they perform close up?
Most people bringing a sniper into CQC will die almost instantly with the occasional lucky shot.

Third & most notably, THE SKILL CAP.

Snipers are the guns that arguably need the most skill in the entire game to use.
There’s a reason you don’t see many snipers, especially good ones.
And that reason is the amount of skill required for it.
Sniping requires the most utter precision, & very fast reaction speed for CQC.
You miss one shot, & any person playing the game for a while will take cover or shoot back.
You’ll have to wait till the round gets loaded.
One, argument you had was about how anyone can compensate for bullet drop.
That’s utterly incorrect. Most snipers can’t compensate for bullet drop or do it in a timely fashion.

I could go on, but I’m tired. If you do rebuttal to this then, as I said, I will reply back.


When I go in a Cranesite match, 7/10 of the time my whole team is sniping, and usually they are shit.


That’s because they feel either the objective is covered, Unlikely Or feel that the only element to PF is SNIPING


Or a @pacman


And on the crane -_-


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But its getting some massive nerfs.

Damage, suppression, recoil, and some other things.