Argue thread


Stop arguing about guns in other threads you can argue anything phantom forces related in this thread



no u


Yeah, no u


or you don’t have to be involved


this should be locked.


This is dumb, the point of the fourms is to discuss and argue.


but people were doing it in the meme thread


because Bravo has bad memes


They make your own


otherwise, that point is invalid


I do make some of my own memes. Doesn’t really make my point any less valid if I didn’t, though…?


@takeusername @Guy_with_no_name

guys can we not?


If he doesn’t, I won’t.


MC51 >>>>>>> PARAFAL

Prove me wrong


um, better rpm, range but the mc51 is better at max damage and has a suppressor


PARAFAL runs out of bullets faster and reloads slower.

It’s also boring.

@Darkman_Bree come at me :b:ro


I mean it’s only the second variant of the FAL cut it some slack,While the 12 series has a gun for almost every category(except pistols the ppk-12 doesn’t count)


At least the 12 series have niches for every gun.

12 is the base
12U is faster firing
12C is the 7.62 one
12 BR is the Battle Rifle with low-ish recoil
DBV is a shotgun
RPK-12 is the most similar to the base, but even then it has niches (fast burst for a LMG for one)

PARAFAL just has better hipfire and lower damage than the FAL. Something you don’t notice much when playing with the two.

Sorry, but FAL gets no passes.


Honestly It would be more interesting if it was a carbine not a carbon copy of the FAL with a folding stock.


I got it:


FAL ( SA58) OSW carbine