April Fools Megathread


so a lot of people are getting annoyed about the countless April fools idea topics so we decided to make a thread about it please post your April fools ideas here and don’t make a new topic about it.

p.s. @toothless @Veteran15837 don’t close because I dont think I’m making a duplicate

April Fools 2018 - Predictions

Who’s we?



This was you, your idea.


I am we.

  • Insert poorly made instakill M60 with FN FAL underbarrel attachment idea.


Raptors could be roaming around dunes.
All gun sounds could become very high-pitched.
BFG could only be a one shot on the left arm.
Stats for the AK47 get swapped with the M4A1.
Blood is changed from red to blue
Ragdolls become super bouncy
Comic effects could be added (such as pew, poom, pow when you shoot your gun. Boom, wap, pap, bang when you get hit, and slick, whip, kapow when you get meleed)
All melees emit the “REEEEEEEEEE” sound effect when you hit someone.
The lightsaber sounds are replaced with Shaylan making laser sounds with his mouth.

Welp that’s all I got for now


No other people also decided and wanted


Here’s an idea, paint every wall hot-pink.

It doesn’t ruin the gameplay but still an annoyance enough to be a challenge.




make this cardboard forces
so everyone has to buy goddamn cases with crayon skins


FN FAL mention again.


Honestly, the “really blue” color in studio makes it even worse. You’ll be crying once you see it.


Nah, I use that too much. I’m immune to it.

Lime green however…


Oh, I haven’t tried Lime Green with stone material yet.

Guess I’m losing my eyes today.




And actually give me more than 2 people


It was my fucking idea


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in april fools unless flagged)


Here is an idea.

It is kina late for this since april fools is like in 19 days

Idea for april fools

No this is for like forever every April fools we can use this tread to give ideas and guess what they would do


Everyone has 1,000 health.


No u