April fools isn't in pf


Sou waited and there was no April fools prank in pf I’m sad WHY STYLIS


Dust was the joke. Not a very good one but you win some and you lose some


other than dust


They said the l11 blurs when moving but it doesn’t. And removing the kek-9 was a joke. So the only joke is dust


that makes absolutely no sense


The change log that pops up when you enter the game says

L11 reticle blurs when moving
Removed kek-9
Added the best map ever

The L11 doesn’t blur
The kek-9 doesn’t exist
And dust is the only thing thats actually part of the joke.


“removing the kek-9 was a joke. So the only joke is dust”


the devs were all busy this year, so thats why you didn’t see a big one.


big update coming soon? :eyes:




Kinda guessed that


just remembered that battle knew it


No prank is best prank.


I can’t believe April fools is dead


the l11 reticle blurs, not the l11 itself


i dont see it happening tho