April fools idea #3242r5y23


Add a dab wepon i mean srsly add it on april fools then all the autistic 8 yr olds will come to PF and use there mommys credit cards to buy the dab


dabbing is dead

What we really need are fidget spinner melee weapons, no, we need Jake and Logan Paul as melee weapons


Oh please yes have logan (imadumbcunt) paul hugging a dead Japanese person


Dab animations when you die
How about that?


here’s an idea I propose…

every step you take dabs


an april fools joke would be too add vehicles to the game


Vespho… please drink lemon flavored blea… pony shißer


How would that work?



the game is recolored so everything is different and the Sun is Mar.


Ban everybody on that day.

EDIT: Ok no, that would’ve been a terrible idea, the appeals page will be flooded with millions of appeals if that happened.


Mmm little children

If your not british you might not understand this



A black hole forms above the map and everyone dies because Mar was so phyat that he fell through the fabric of space and time…





Make every melee attack a dab.


we already got too much cancer in the game…

this would give me TERMINAL DAB CANCER